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Busy Week

So this week has been very busy. Tuesday, we went out with Scott and one of his friends. He plucked everyone’s eye brows, which was amusing. Mine are all pretty now. lol

Wed, Adam and I went up to camp and watched the Ceremonies. It was fun times. Very fun times. Neil O’Brian was one of the runners this year, and he’s so damn fucking hot. He was wearing nothing but a loin-clothe, and on one of the times around the circle, the front had moved off to the side, clearly showing his shiny red thong underneather and VERY nice package. It was a nice site to see. And OMG, what an ass that guys got!! Unfortunatly he fixed it before he got around again. I wanted to just go up and grab him and say, lets go to Frankel right then and there. lol.

But yeah, it was a great time to be a Boy Scout again. I really want to go back to camp next year to work for the summer. It’d be so much fun….

Speaking of Camp though. In this morning’s paper on the front page there’s an article about how a kid apparently got shot at camp last Saturday, I guess the kid lost his eye, and two people got fired. They say it’s the only shooting in the last 80 years that the camp has had shooting activities, but I know there’s been more then that. There was one just two years ago that I remember…. Finger was working at the rifle range when that happened, no wonder it did.

So yeah, Shoemaker was hot, Neil was hot, so many many hot Boy Scouts.

Today I went to school, I got there and the DPS had the parking lot entrances to Gilman and Ames Lab blocked off, so I was like, what the hell. Then I walked between Gilman (the chem building) and the Ag Eng building. They had red tape up all the way around Gilman, but only about 10 feet away from it. There were firetrucks and ambulances and police there, but not much really going on, So I went to class…. I left there 30 minutes later, and when I walked back towards Gilman and this time there were four firetrucks, three ambulances, the Red Cross, two hazemat trucks, and about 15 US Government trucks, but the only way you could tell they were US Gov trucks was by the license plate and all the Military people around them. They were all just plain blue trucks. They had also brought in a remote sat uplink and a couple Hazemat tents. It was scary. I had to walk all the way around to the Armory before I could get back towards my parking lot. Crazy things happenening there.

So yeah, that’s been my day so far… What and resisting the urge to pull all my hair out and scream at Nazanin… But that’s anothet story.

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