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AIDS is NOT a Gay Disease!

Wow, what a busy busy weekend!

So Friday I worked in Newport, got my new bike, went out to dinner with Robert at H Marys. So that was fun to be back there, got home late that night and went to bed.

Saturday I got up early and drove up to Pacific Palisades and did the Getty Villa, by myself.. Thanks Andrew. It was still nice, but could have been better. After that I drove around Malibu for a bit and then headed home. Went out on a bike ride that afternoon and went the uphill way. That was painful. But it was very nice. I got a few pics from the bluffs up there, such a pretty area. I wish I could own a house up there!

Got home after that and I was dead tired, so I laid down and watched Latter Days, which if you haven’t seen this movie, you MUST go watch it. I’d have to say it’s one of the best done gay movied out there. Specially for the small budget and short filming time they had (I think they said like 30 days or something?). Went to bed after that.

Sunday I got up early again, went out on a bike ride and then hit up the gym. Go ME! 🙂 I’m still no where near what I was when I was in college, but I’m at least lifting more then when I started a few weeks ago. Hopefully by the end of this week I’ll be able to bench 100 pounds! woot! God, I’m so weak! 🙁

After that I went and got lunch, then picked up Jason and we went and explored the Dominator Shipwreck in Palos Verdes. Which happened back in the 60’s. It was REALLY cool. Check out the pics from the linked page, you can see how HUGE this thing was, and then go look at the pics from this weekend, it’s amazing how much it’s deteriorated. It’s just amazing, and it’s only 2 miles from my house!!! It was a bit of a trip to get down there though, the trail down was pretty much STRAIGHT down, and then we took a different trail up, again, pretty must STRAIGHT up and on very close edges. We also had to walk through this really HORRIBLE HORRIBLE smelling area, not sure WHAT caused it, but OMG it was GROSS! There were some cute little BBQ pits down there too. (Not sure WHERE they came from though!)

After that we went out to dinner and got pizza, which I’ve been CRAVING forever. Sooo good. I came home, talked to my neighbor, who is SO CUTE. If only I were straight! And then watched Zoolander. Jay always RANTED and RAVED about this movie.. It was funny, but I don’t think I could watch it more then once.

Pics from this weekend are here.

Pics from Abalone Cove and Eaton Canyon (Which was a month ago, but I never posted pics) are located here.

L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center has started a new campain… “Own it. End it”. In which they say that AIDS is a gay disease. UGH! No DON’T say that! Then you are only playing into these damn right wing assholes. It’s a bit annoying.

Ok. I’m outta here. I have a LOT of work to do!

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Doesn’t anyone SLEEP!

So the last couple days have been TONS of fun!

Yesterday I got up and met Beak, Niel and the Spawn at 9am. The fair was TONS of fun… We spent like 6 hours there or something. I’m so red. At least my forhead is…. But god I love the fair here… It was fucking Tuesday morning/afternoon and the place was packed! Not like the OC fair when I went on a FRIDAY afternoon and the place was dead.

Got home about 4:30ish or so.. I was supposed to go out to dinner with Jed, but he never called me back. Iw as pretty pissed about that so I just ate at home. Stayed home till about 8ish then went downtown to Court Ave and met up with Justin. We sat this place down there and talked and had a few drinks. Then Ginny came and we had a good time with her. Went over to the Saddle for a bit, but that place scares me. So we went back to Court Ave and had another drink or two then Ginny went home and Justin and I went to Perkins and ate.

After that I came home. I got home and my dad was leaving for work. Then I went to bed, got about 2 hours of sleep and then my brothers alarm clock went off.. Finially got back to sleep about 6ish then my mom’s alarm went off and woke me up. Got back to sleep about 8 and slept till 11. Got up and went ovet to meet beak. Her and I went out to lunch and then went to the zoo with the spawn. I love that place!

Got back here just a bit ago and am waiting around… having dinner with the fam tonight. then going out bar hoping in PC (a town with TWO bars!) tonight with Ginny, Justin and a few other people.

So yeah… Been tons of fun!

I’ve taken like 200 pictures so far.. haha.

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Iowa Visit!!

Hey all you hot Iowans! I’m going to be coming back Aug 11-21 and want to hang out with as many people as I can while I’m back…

So here’s a break down of what all I have planned… Let me know if you want to join in!!

Thursday (11th) – Sunday (14th) – I’ll be in South Western Iowa being BORED AS HELL! So come entertain me! (Getting drunk at Three Fires if I can find enough people to come!)

Monday (15th) – Living History Farms during the day and shopping at the malls at night.

Tuesday (16th) – State Fair! I want as many people to go as I can find! I’ve already got like 5, but I want more more more! lol – Dinner at Biagi’s with the Homos then drinks downtown!

Wed (17th) – Blank Park Zoo/Botanical Center (Morning) – Lunch at Hu-Hot – Art Center (Afternoon) – Swimming/Hottubing/Party at my house in the evening.

Thursday (18th) – Canoeing at BigCreek in the morning, then horseback riding at Jester – Afternoon Swimming/Hottubing at my house!

Friday (19th) – Spending the day in Ames/Reiman Gardens/ISU – Dinner at Hickory Park! – Getting drunk at Frathouse (11pm-2am) / Redlight (2am-6am)!!

Saturday – Family stuff during the day (Brunch with Gma S and then B-day Party) – Mitigwa all night partying the with (hot) Boy Scouts!

Sunday – Going back to Cali. 🙁

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What Will Google Do Next?

The Moon!

Zoom in all the way!

My Life


Blah, so I’ve been a bit depressed lately. Umm, perhaps because people here are stupid, all the stupid homos. All they want is sex.

I found this site a while back, called adam4adam… I put up a profile. At first it was fun, all these hot boys IMing me wanting to have sex, telling me I’m hot. But now it’s just pissing me off. All these stupid boys IMing me, e-mailing, all they want is sex.

I really need some good friends out here. Honestly, I’ve never had any “good” friends. I’ve had friends here and there, but none I’d consider “good”. I’d go into that, but we all know the stories. I don’t have any long-lasting friends, except for Andrew.

I’d settle for just some friends out here. Someone that I can hang out with routinly. Someone(s) that will come over and hang with me on the weekends I’m on call. Or someone that’ll just hang with me and watch TV, etc. Blah.

Like I said, I’ve just been depressed lately… I’d been on a fairly good streak I think. I can’t remember the last time I was really depressed bad… but now I am.. I think the thing that really brought it on this time was Andrew leaving.

I’m going to buy myself a new digital camera. SD400 It’s MUCH smaller then the one I have now, and has real Optical Zoom. I’m hoping that this way I can carry it around more and take more pictures of my life… I think it’d be good. I hvaen’t taken many pictures out here since I moved, and there’s so many good things to take pictures of. Oh well.

Umm, not much else going on in my life. I’ve updated my timesheet program that we’re using here at work, it’s authenticating against the domain now, which is way cool. I also added a status report thing and a PL/SQL procedure to send e-mails if someone hasn’t submitted a status report by 2pm on friday. I really like it and I’ve been thinking about putting it and one of my other projects onto source forge. But I really don’t want to have to support users. I have enough work as it is supporting this damn thing within our own company. Plus I’d have to do a lot of code modifications to make it universal. But those would be good to do anyways. I might think about it if i have a free night sometime.

The other project is my RT Ical extractor program. I Think that could be a REALLY good thing for everyone that uses RT, so I might submit it to the RT development team for inclusion. Again, it would take some modifications to make universal, but we’ll see.

We’re getting a new phone system here at the office.. A Cisco based VOIP thing. IT sounds really cool, I guess I’m going to get to be one of the main guys that gets to set it up. So yeah.

Oh, so cute! I’m watchin QaF and the little teenager has a boyfriend and it’s so cute! lol. I wish I had had boyfriends when I was younger… fuck me. 🙁

Tonight I might have some people come over and hang at my place. I’m pretty excited, I hope it’s fun. Andrew gets in LATE tomorrow and before he gets here I have to do laundry and lots of other stuff.

Well, this is a good entry, right? Laters.