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Doesn’t anyone SLEEP!

So the last couple days have been TONS of fun!

Yesterday I got up and met Beak, Niel and the Spawn at 9am. The fair was TONS of fun… We spent like 6 hours there or something. I’m so red. At least my forhead is…. But god I love the fair here… It was fucking Tuesday morning/afternoon and the place was packed! Not like the OC fair when I went on a FRIDAY afternoon and the place was dead.

Got home about 4:30ish or so.. I was supposed to go out to dinner with Jed, but he never called me back. Iw as pretty pissed about that so I just ate at home. Stayed home till about 8ish then went downtown to Court Ave and met up with Justin. We sat this place down there and talked and had a few drinks. Then Ginny came and we had a good time with her. Went over to the Saddle for a bit, but that place scares me. So we went back to Court Ave and had another drink or two then Ginny went home and Justin and I went to Perkins and ate.

After that I came home. I got home and my dad was leaving for work. Then I went to bed, got about 2 hours of sleep and then my brothers alarm clock went off.. Finially got back to sleep about 6ish then my mom’s alarm went off and woke me up. Got back to sleep about 8 and slept till 11. Got up and went ovet to meet beak. Her and I went out to lunch and then went to the zoo with the spawn. I love that place!

Got back here just a bit ago and am waiting around… having dinner with the fam tonight. then going out bar hoping in PC (a town with TWO bars!) tonight with Ginny, Justin and a few other people.

So yeah… Been tons of fun!

I’ve taken like 200 pictures so far.. haha.

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No Chris- we don’t sleep. We’re too busy having fun. I hope you are too and have enjoyed your trip back “home”.

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