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GoogleBot Insanity!

OMG, so Googlebot has been pulling data like crazy from my website!! Over 10 gigs this month! Now, there’s only 94 MEGS of information on here, so what the hell they are doing pulling 10 gigs I have no idea! I’ve asked my host to block them for now because I’m only allowed 5 gigs per month… Bastards!

So yeah, been having a TON of fun! Went horseback riding yesterday with Oksana, and then today I went up to Ames for the day….

I LOVE Ames! I miss it so much… And all the HOT HOT boys that belong there. OMG!

OH! last night I went out with Angel! That was SO MUCH FUN! I miss that girl so much.

Tonight Justin and I are going to frathouse/redlight. Hopefully I’ll meet up with Jed too. I’m kinda pissed that I haven’t seen him yet this week. Tomorrow I’m not sure if I’m going to party with the BSA, I can’t find my Brotherhood sash, so I won’t be able to go to the party I want to hit. 🙁 So instead I’m going to go out with Zach and gang. so that’ll be fun.

I read an AMAZING review of the IS250/350… I can’t WAIT to test drive one!

Short entry. Adios!

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Hey lovely,

i want some of those pictures. email me some please (i’ll give you my email when you get back to OC)

Have a save flight home, and good that you had a good time. I’ve had a blast with you.

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