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Iowa Visit!!

Hey all you hot Iowans! I’m going to be coming back Aug 11-21 and want to hang out with as many people as I can while I’m back…

So here’s a break down of what all I have planned… Let me know if you want to join in!!

Thursday (11th) – Sunday (14th) – I’ll be in South Western Iowa being BORED AS HELL! So come entertain me! (Getting drunk at Three Fires if I can find enough people to come!)

Monday (15th) – Living History Farms during the day and shopping at the malls at night.

Tuesday (16th) – State Fair! I want as many people to go as I can find! I’ve already got like 5, but I want more more more! lol – Dinner at Biagi’s with the Homos then drinks downtown!

Wed (17th) – Blank Park Zoo/Botanical Center (Morning) – Lunch at Hu-Hot – Art Center (Afternoon) – Swimming/Hottubing/Party at my house in the evening.

Thursday (18th) – Canoeing at BigCreek in the morning, then horseback riding at Jester – Afternoon Swimming/Hottubing at my house!

Friday (19th) – Spending the day in Ames/Reiman Gardens/ISU – Dinner at Hickory Park! – Getting drunk at Frathouse (11pm-2am) / Redlight (2am-6am)!!

Saturday – Family stuff during the day (Brunch with Gma S and then B-day Party) – Mitigwa all night partying the with (hot) Boy Scouts!

Sunday – Going back to Cali. 🙁

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I still want to go with you! but i have to go to Washington state for a family reunion….with everyone there the population of Mossyrock will be 501. Maybe next time. and dont be sad that you have to come back to CA, you still have to look forward to meeting me…hehe j/k…well have a nice day

sounds like a lot of fun! makes me wonder what i’m missing out by staying in california. but california isn’t that bad either, right? there’s plenty of hot californians around.. some of them sluts (lol).. but still a lot of good ppl

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