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Get it right people!

OMG FUCKING GOD! I just had a HUGE entry here and it got deleted because I acidentially closed the window! FUCK ME!


I read this on CNN today:

As the sun set, Bush told the crowd that the first man he often sees every morning, chief of staff Andy Card, is a former Scout from Massachusetts; Vice President Dick Cheney was a Boy Scout in Wyoming; and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld was an Eagle Scout in Illinois.


There fore it should say… “Donald Rumsfeld is an Eagle Scout from Illinois.” Why can’t these people get it right.

I AM AN EAGLE SCOUT… not… I Was an eagle scout! Fuckers.

And they also made it out to be a big deal that Bush was a Cub Scout… Any fucking idiot can be a cub scout. that’s not a big fucking deal people..

I also found this post today. I’d have to say it’s one of my best writings on here.

Anyways, back to friday… I got off work about 11 and came home. Decided I wanted to tan so I did that. Got done about 1ish and then couldn’t sleep so I sat around. I got my new hard drive so I copied all my music over to it. That was fun. 🙂

I was invited to go to a club later that night by Robert, but I was too tired so I turned it down. Kinda wish I had gone now though. I ened up going to bed about 11ish. About 1:30 someone from work called me. I don’t remember what they wanted or who it was. lol.

Saturday I got up about 9ish sat around home for a bit and then went tanning from 11 to 1. after that I showered and sat around some more. I had a date at 6..

We went to macaroni grill. That was fun and I love the food there, but it’s just not very authenitic. I need to find a real place to go with great food. our waiter was so stupid though. very annoying. He didn’t pour the olive oil for us, we had to ask for pepper for it and he was rude. So you guessed it …. No tip for him! The food was so good though, my part of it ended up being $26!! Gah!

After that we were going to go to a movie, but nothing started till 10. So we rented one instead. We got “Diary of a mad black woman”. It was hilarious!! I had a good time and he was funny, but just not my type.. Hopefully we can be friends though.

I kicked him out after the movie because I was tired, but ended up not being able to get to sleep for like an hour. So I talked to myke… lets just say that I’ve deleted him frommy buddylist and myspace. Jackass.

my finger nails are really long.

got up about noon today and went straight to the pool. spent about an hour and a ahlf there.. I have to say i’m finially getting some color. So that’s good. 🙂

ever since i’ve just been hanging out on the couch here. blah

Sarah called and asked me to come to Las Vegas. Sadly I have to work. I’m really tempted to call in sick, but I know that I can’t.

Tomorrow I’ve got a meeting that I have to phonein for. grr. ir eally don’t want to do that. Maybe I’ll do it by the pool. lol

well later all.

I’m Mitigwa born and Mitigwa bred

and when I die I’ll be Mitigwa dead.

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I almost was an Eagle scout…they couldnt take it away though…I wouldnt let them. I like that post a lot what happened to all your emotion in your post since then…hehe j/k. I am about to fly up to our scout camp and give a speech about never giving up, so i guess i can relate even though i feel like giving up all of the time…ttyl

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