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  • Silence

    Chris didn’t call to say goodnight tonight. I noticed it this time… I always look forward to coming home from the gym, and listen to his voice tell me goodnight. But not tonight.. 🙁 What could have happened?

  • Ok, so I think Chris just got pissed at me for the movie thing I have to do tomorrow. This bothers me b/c first off, it’s not like if I randomly kiss someone, for a MOVIE I might add, it will actually mean anything. Secondly, I doubt we will even find anyone who is willing […]

  • Confusion

    BlackC 2004: Shouldn’t you have an away message up? Auto response from BlackC 2004: I’m Idle BlackC 2004: I’m sorry about everything. I hope that you have a great night watching Gilmore Girls. BlackC 2004: You’ll have to tell me exactly what happened since I had to miss it. BlackC 2004: … I miss you […]

  • Labels

    Ok I have some stuff to write about that is confusing/upsetting to me. So Chris and I were randomly talking online and I forget how it came up, but I said something about when I come and hugging and kissing him. And he said “Do friends kiss?” or something like that. And suddenly I just […]

  • Missing You……

    I miss you. As a boyfriend…. even more as a friend. I want you with me. I want you her Hold on to love. That is what I do, Now that I’ve found you. And from above, everything’s stinking, Their not around you. And in the night, I could be helpless I could be lonely, […]