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  • Stupidest Person Alive or SPA

    That is me. I am the stupidest person alive. Here’s the story. So last night, I spent some time in my room, talkig on the phone to Chris. We had a really good talk, and I explained to him what my plans are for the next few years. Right now, they include staying at Chapman […]

  • Replaced

    Ok, so I have a few things to write about involving Chris and I. First off, I have had a really hard time this weekend. I have missed him a lot and generally not had a good time L So there are also a few things that confuse me. First off.. I go to read […]

  • So I am confused by Chris’ entry. I don’t see what I did that annoyed him. Sorry that I didn’t ask right off how his day was. I make it a point to always ask, and I’ll admit it isn’t always in the beginning of the convo. But that’s b/c he usually is asking me […]

  • Whew, so I am doing a lot of typing today. I just typed that UBER long entry for my reg. journal, then wrote Ms. Hanigan a long email and Ms. Beal a quick one. Anyways I basically have to update about the talk that Chris and I had. It was a sad one. We talked […]

  • I can?t decide how I feel. I go through these bad stages. Like when I?m out with the girls and stuff, I feel fine, and happy and stuff, but then suddenly I have this spell of missing Chris. Sometimes I even think I?m kinda over it. Not ?over? over it, but it?s like I?ve known […]