Whew, so I am doing a lot of typing today. I just typed that UBER long entry for my reg. journal, then wrote Ms. Hanigan a long email and Ms. Beal a quick one.

I basically have to update about the talk that Chris and I had. It was a sad one. We talked about how he doesn’t really have many friends, and how no one seemed to care about his trip, and what happened with me and stuff. He started crying pretty hard, and it took all I had in me to keep from running to the nearest airport and flying right back to Iowa to be with him. I missed him so badly last night, and I just cried right along with him on the phone. Eventually we got away from the crying and just talked about random stuff.

I miss him so much. I really want to come out to someone, if not only so I could tell them what a great boyfriend I had, and how much I wish he could still be with me.

Our talk was good, just lots of randomness. Very good though, I was happy to talk to him for that long. We had another good talk today while I was in the liberry, though he has started saying LOL a lot. 🙂 But it seems like he may have found a friend, and the guy’s pretty cute too, go Topher! hehe. So that’s good… and tomorrow he’s going to the ice cream social, which is just so cute! AND he’s got his weightlifting class, where I’m sure he can make friends with the guy he’s parterned with. So he’s got lots of opportunities going for him. Though if he keeps up with his weightlifting even after class ends, and also keeps running… ooh I won’t be able to keep my hands off of him once I see him again. Not that I’d be able to even if he didn’t do any of that. But I’m so happy for him b/c I know he’s been wanting to get into shape for a long time, and now he’s got four months where he has to go to an actual class to do it, and it’s for a grade (I think), and he’s motivated to run and stuff. He’ll be much buffer than me by time I get back.

Anyways I miss the guy like crazy, I can’t wait to talk about him to someone…. and I just wish he were here.
And I’m a hypocrite. I told him not to choose where he wants to live based off of where I am………

The reason I keep pushing for SDSU and not SFSU (where I will easily have enough credits to transfer) is b/c he said he wants to live in San Diego. I know, I know.. I’m a hypocrite. Well sue me. I really love him.

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