So I am confused by Chris’ entry. I don’t see what I did that annoyed him. Sorry that I didn’t ask right off how his day was. I make it a point to always ask, and I’ll admit it isn’t always in the beginning of the convo. But that’s b/c he usually is asking me questions all about my day and what did I do, etc…. and when I’m done I ask him to tell me about his day. I’m just slightly annoyed about it now, apparently annoyed enough to write an entry, which I shouldn’t even be doing b/c it’s 11:45 and I haven’t even started studying for my Science quiz. Whatever.

I do miss him though, regardless.

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(10:31:07) pischkoa: (And let me just clarify, that I wasn’t annoyed that you didn’t ask about my day, because you DID ask. I was just annoyed that I didn’t get the chance to _tell_ you about my day. Mostly because you left in such short notice, and there was a lot that happened yesterday that I wanted to tell you)
(10:31:10) SqUaLL0112: but i think its multiple choice
(10:31:12) pischkoa: Well I’m sure you’ll do fine!
(10:32:22) SqUaLL0112: you said you were annoyed with my inability to ask how your day was
(10:33:09) pischkoa: Yeah, well that wasn’t it, because you DID ask. I was just annoyed in general yesterday, and my not being able to tell you about my day annoyed me, and I just put it off on the wrong person. It shouldn’t have been directed at you at all.
(10:34:18) SqUaLL0112: ok
(10:34:28) pischkoa: Sorry, it didn’t mean to come off at you.

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