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Let Me Finish

Ok, well I’m a bit better now, so let me finish what I was saying.

I’m so glad that Andrew has that ability to enjoy just sitting there and watching a nice sunset, or enjoying a good view.

For me it’s a great time to just sit there and reflect on the day, and to do that with the person you love is even better. It gives you a time to reflect on what you’ve done that day and what you’ve accomplished. It signifies the end of one more day in your life, and just to have that hour, or maybe even ten minutes to sit there and look at the beautiful earth and mother nature gives you that chance to stop everyday hustle and bustle of life and just enjoy it with that special someone.

I could never share my life with someone that doesn’t enjoy sittin there with me, enjoying the wonders that are mother nature… I’ve seen so many wonderful places in this country, and I hope to find so many more.

From Lovers Leap, and the Tooth at Philmont, to the Ampitheater at Mitigwa, to the ledges of the Grand Canyon. I’ve seen the sunset, and I’ve seen the sunrise. From the Blank Ridge camp, to my hot tub in my own back yard. From the big open areas of campus, to the skys above San Diego, I’ve seen the stars, and watched the sun move across the sky.

I’ve seen the shooting stars, and the big dipper, I’ve seen the moon in every stage, and watched how it lit up the night sky. I’ve seen the Space station high above, and Mars moving across the night sky.

I’ve seen so much in my life, and it’s only because I enjoy taking that time in my life to watch these things.

And I’m so happy that I’ve found someone else to share that with…

Now I only wish that he were closer so that I could share it once more, though everytime I see a wonderfull sunset now, or the night sky. I think of him, and hope that he’s out there enjoying the same thing.

With Love,

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