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A Couple LONG Days.

Well, yesterday was a really long day. Very annoying, and such. I just sat around and was sad and did nothing.

Though I did make Pumpkin Muffins… Yummy.

I also went to the rec and worked out, that was good. When I was done, I knew that I didn’t have time to make it to Kildee to catch the bus, but I thought that I could make it to the stadium before the bus got there, so I walked over there… Needless to say, I JUST missed the bus. So I sat down and waited for a while, hoping that the next bus would be along shortly because I really didn’t want to have to WALK all the way from the stadium to my apartment, because that’s a LONG ways to walk and I had already walked forever that day.

Anyways, I sat there and decided that a bus wasn’t coming, so I started walking. And I just KNEW… I tell you I KNEW that as soon as I got into this area where there aren’t bus stops for long distances. And yep, just as soon as I got about half way through that area, the bus went by. Damnit. Of course.

So I ended up walking all the way from the Rec back to my house, on top of the 2 miles that I did the rec. I was fairly annoyed by that.

Spent the rest of the day watching marathons and doing nothing.

Today has been really hectic and blah.

First class was alright, though it’s in Carver, well today he said that we’re moving to Howe… Very annoying because my class RIGHT after that one is in Lago, which is CLEAR across the fucking campus! Very annoying, though enough people complained about it, so he’s letting us out 5 minutes early. Which is good.

Went to my crazy ass Poli Sci class and not much happened in there. I really have to read the book though, so I’m going to go do that after I’m done writing this update.

Done with 2 classes, it was off to number three. That class was alright, and we didn’t really do much. He just talked a lot about some stupid stuff.. Though I bet I’ll be wishing that I was listening when the test comes along. I was far more interested in what I’m doing over christmas break and spring break.

After class 3, I went to the Rec and walked a mile, I wanted to walk more, but by the time I was done with a mile, my LEGS hurt so much. So after that I went and did the situps and then did more of my abs. So that was good.

Class number 4 was interesting. We talked about the Italy Study Abroad, which I REALLY want to go on now, I just wish that I wasn’t graduating this semester so that I can go on that. It’s really sad.

Once she was done talking about that, she bitched about the way that the world was working now and how the US is losing so many jobs to Asia, etc. It was really interesting and the like. I really like what she had to say, and I agreed with her on a lot of the issues. Though I really don’t think we’re learning about managment in that class. I think that I’ll have to read the book there too.

After class I came home and talked to Andrew a bit… I got a bit annoyed, but I’m good.

Now I’m here watching the simpsons, and then I’m going to go and study because I have too.

Laters all.

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Sorry, I mis-spoke. I’m graduating this YEAR, not this semester! My bad.

Though I still won’t be able to fit in all the classes that I need, and still go to Italy, so it’s still a sad sad thing!

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