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Well I’m doing much better today and yesterday then I had been all week. Much better.

Yesterday I came into work about 8ish and got alot done. I left here at 10 and went home and waited for Drew to get here…

He finally got here and we sat around watching Ricki Lake and the Springer show. About 1:45 we decided that we were hungry so off to Great Plains we went… EVeryone there was uber bitchy. They were like “We close in 5 minutes, and there’s not slices left.” And not just ONE person told us that. I was like, “So I don’t want slices I want to order a pizza.” Fuckers.

Anyways, we got our pizza and then went off to my office since they wouldn’t let us sit there and eat it. Got here and they were tearing my office apart. I was very annoyed. I hate it when people are in my office when I’m not here. It just really gets to me.

Andrew and I sat in my office eating pizza and talking about the trip. We decided that it would be alright if I fly seperate from them out to Cali. I’d get there earlier then them, but about an hour. But that’s alright. I’ll just wait in the airport.

On the return trip back to Iowa though, I’ll be stuck in the “Bush International” airport in Texas… For about 3 hours or so. And I won’t get back to DSM tell 8pm that night. Sucky for that. And I’ll have to be back at work at 8AM the next day. Very annoying.

I’m still slightly stressed out cause I have a feeling that Andrew’s mom is going to get an UBER expensive hotel… That woman can’t do anything for cheap. Andrew and I looked online yesterday for some cheap hotels and found a few, so hopefully he can talk her into some of those. Nothing that’s more then like $70 a night I think would be reasonable.

After we got that all settled we tried to call my mom, but she was in a meeting. So we just sat around here for a bit longer and then left.

We went to the Commuter lot on campus and I taught Andrew how to drive my car… He was VERY good at it for never having driven a stick shift before. The first time he tried he actually got it moving! But he did kill it some, not near as much as Adam did when Angel and I taught him how to drive it…

Drove around the parking lot for like an hour. Andrew was really getting the hang of it all by the time we left. I was very proud of him. Perhaps I’ll let him drive my car on the street sometime. lol.

Once we were done with that we went to the bank and I deposited a check, and from there we went to the Mall. I picked up an application for the Gap, and we checked out to see what movies are playing. Nothing good was.

Decided that there wasn’t anything else to do and went back to my Apartment.

We spent the rest of the night laying on the couch/bed just talking and cuddling. Just what I really needed.

It was so good to see him again. And I’m so glad that the whole flight thing is all taken care of now. Thought I had a dream the other night that there was weather for my flight, so I was able to talk the woman into getting me on their flight, it made my day in the dream… Now lets just cross our fingers and hope that the same can happen in real life… OR knowing Chicago, there will be weather there, and they can get on my flights! lol.

Once it came time for him to leave it was very hard, as it usually is. I think now it’ll be just getting harder and harder from here on out though. Hopefully the tears won’t start running again tell we’re actually saying good bye in Orange.

I really wish we had more time in California… Mostly because I want to go HERE!

Well, that’s my life.

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