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Condom Stash

Yesterday was yet another wonderfull day spent with Andrew…

He got there early and was obviously Über horny. He got there and we sat around for a bit and he ate soemthing real quick…

It didn’t take long to move into the bed room, and then the shower, and then the bedroom again. It was very nice to get to do stuff with him again, though I would have enjoyed the time just as much had we just laid around on the couch talking. lol.

The shower was much more coordinated this time then it was last, so that was good… He got a good rimmie, at least I hope it was good…

I also tried to finger again, but apparently Mr. Ass didn’t want to give up access yesterday, so I just did it alittle bit. But he says it was good, and that I’m gental with it, so that’s nice. I try to be as nice as possible with him, I know that it can hurt. And hurt a lot if it’s done wrong.

After that was done we went out and did all the stuff on the other entry, it was really great to teach him how to drive a stick and everything else we did.

Laying in bed that night was really great, and I didn’t want him to leave.

He said that he “wanted seconds” but then we were doing things and Enfuego just went and hid, I felt bad about that and tried to get him to come out again… Though he just didn’t want to. It kind of bothered me, but I’m sure it was no big deal.

At one point I said that I had a condom stash. We talked about that a bit, and he said that he did want to share what we had again. But I feel as though I may have pushed it a bit, and I don’t want to do that with him. I want him to do it again when he’s comfortable, and if that’s not in the time that he has left here, then that’s fine. I don’t like to be pushed/guilted into things, and I don’t want to do it to other people.

He also made me promise that I would talk to Joel before the summers up. I don’t know how well that’s going to go. I really hate the fact that I’m so shy when it comes to those types of things. Perhaps next Wed we can all go out to Lunch or something, eh?

Umm.. Other things to talk about….

There were a few hints throughout the day about the future of our relationship, though nothing really substantial. I dunno if they were meant or not (As in meant to be hints), but I’d like it if they were. I don’t know when the best time to talk about that would be. Either before we leave for the whole trip, or there. But it’s going to have to be discussed sometime.

Speaking of the trip, it’s coming together nicely finally. Though I am still very annoyed that I can’t fly with them out there, it’s good that I’m at least getting to go yet. I’m really hoping that she doesn’t get some really expensive hotel!

� � Days Inn � � � � � �279 S. Main, Orange �� � � � �(714) 771-6704

� � Motel 6 � � � � � � 2920 W. Chapman, Orange � � � (714) 634-2441

� � Best Value 3101 W. Chapman, Orange � � � (714) 978-7700

� � Travel Lodge � � 1302 W. Chapman, Orange � � � �(714) 633-7720

Those appear to be the closest to Chapman, though I’m sure Sue can’t stand to stay in such low-class hotels. And I guess they also offer discounted rates to families of students from Chapman University.

Oh, last thing I wanted to talk about was we were talking about him offering up his ass… And he asked me, “If I offered it, would you take it.” And I said that I didn’t know if I would or not. I mean, that’s a REALLY big thing, I know that being a bottom the first time means so much, and for me to take that, that’s a really big emotional thing for me as well. I spent a lot of time thinking about that all last night, and I think that … If things keep going the way they have in our relationship and we stay as close and as happy as we have been… For a lot longer, ie more then 3 months. And not with much missing time in there. But yes, I think that if offered I would accept.

This is kind of disturbing that I’m talking about it like a piece of meat. But it isn’t. It’s a very emotional thing. Anyways, just wanted to document that. Since I didn’t do a good enough job documenting my feelings way back when, and now no one believes me that there were feelings there. 😛

PS, I know this entry is in completly WRONG cronological order, but whatever!

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