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Three Months, Few Annoyances.

Happy three months to Andrew and I!

Yep, that’s right… Three months ago today… On a Friday even, I sent a couple little flowers off to the 3rd floor of the Wells Fargo building, with a cute little note attached to them.

Now, if only he wasn’t leaving before our 4 month… :'(

Things have been going very good so far in the whole relationship. We haven’t had one fight yet, though last night came the closest… And I still wouldn’t even have called that a fight, I was just very annoyed.

If there’s one thing I learned from my previous relationship, it’s to tell the other person when you’re not happy with the way something’s going, or something they are doing. And that happened last night. I was very very annoyed with Andrew because he started working Wed’s. Now, I know that he needs the money, but I don’t really think he needed it that badly, I think just adding in the couple of hours a day and then the 2 hours on Saturday would have been enough.

The thing that just really bothered me about the whole situation is that I’ve made so many sacrifices all summer long, by not working Wed’s I’ve lost a lot of money. By not working Wed’s I’ve had to work longer hours to make up that lost money, though there aren’t enough days in the week to make up the full 8 hours that I loose on Wed’s by taking it off.

I’ve been taking it off because I know that we have only a short amount of time together, and getting to see him on those days is really nice. Because it’s a day that it’s only us. Me and Him, we get to do what we want, because we don’t have his PU’s to bother us, and we don’t have my PU’s to bother us. As we do on the weekends. We don’t have to worry about people wanting to hang out on Wed’s, though that hasn’t been a problem on the weekends either, since all of our freinds seem to have ditched us.

I just really didn’t take it well. Because of the two weeks that we have left, he took about 18 hours of our time away from that. And though that 18 hours may not seem like that much, it really does make a huge difference. There was so much that I had planned for next Wed… So much I had planned for this last Wed (that didn’t even get done). I just wish that he hadn’t gone and done that.

Though we were able to come up with a compromise, he’s going to come here and spend the night one night… And I’ll go there and spend the night one night a week. Though I don’t really think that makes up for the lost Wed’s. Because he won’t be able to get here tell 8pm, and then I’ll have to leave at 7:40am for work. That really doesn’t leave much time for other things, the things that I had planned… Because you see I have a HUGE list of things I wanted to do before he left, and now it’s not going to get done.

But I’ll have to admit, it will be nice to have those nights together, since now he’s staying at his house instead of coming to Ames to live, which I had really wanted to happen.

Though I just ranted for a bit, I really am very happy in our relationship. Andrew knows how to treat a boy, and knows how to make him feel loved. He seems to always have the right things to say, even when he’s very stressed out. He’s just a very good bf and I’ll be very sad to let him go in another month.

This weekend will be much of packing and sadness.

Happy Three Months to Andrew and I!


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