You Will NEVER Guess…..

My flight into Des Moines has been CANCELED!

I am stuck in fucking Dallas Texas!

There’s only 3 flights direct from here to DM tomorrow.

I got to the counter and the guy NEXT to me took the LAST seat on the LAST flight into DM. Soooo

Instead, I am flying from HERE…

To Wisconsin…


To Des Moines.

I leave here at 2:20pm and get into DM at 11:50pm… And then I have family Christmas starting at 9am Saturday. And I have to gift wrap and what not.

Can you believe this FUCKING SHIT!


At least last night was amazing… Const got me a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, which I’ve been really wanting ever since he introduced me to them, a blender which I’ve been wanting for years, and a new keyboard for my Mac! Which I almost bought for myself this past tuesday! Good thing I didn’t!

On the news now…

The “TSA” is the most hated government agency in the US! Hhaha. They rank BEHIND the IRS even! 🙂

I think I’m ready for the “L” word…. Scared!

I sold my old car this morning too!!! I’m a very sad about that, When she drove away, the last time I’ll see her, I cried a little! :'(

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