Stupid Airport

Well, here I am sitting in DFW… I hate this airport!

It amazes me though when you travel how diverse the people are, you find people from all over the country and world at a place like this, and yet everyone is so much the same. It really does show you how America has become a more single unit, a nation instead of a nation/state. It reminds me of the 30 Days show a while back about how people in some small ass michigan town were all pissed because the muslims were broadcasting the call to prayer (ie the same thing as ringing bells). These stupid hicks were all pissed and saying they were “brainwashing” people with it.

Saying, “Why can’t they just fit in and blend in”. That’s not what america is supposed to be about. This country is made of people from every country, every continent. That’s what this place is about, it’s about diversity and ACCEPTING everyone’s beliefs. This is not a one-religion country! why can’t people understand that we should all be different.

I know I’m kinda of a hipocrite talking about this, as I’m not the most diverse person in the world, and I don’t really do anything to stand out. But I am who I am. I don’t buy expensive clothes to impress the person at the mall who I’ll never see again, I don’t buy an expensive car to impress some jackass at a stop light that I’ll never even talk to, or probably even make eye contact with.

I buy what I buy because I like it and I want it for me. If I do end up buying a lexus or inifiniti, it’s because that’s what I decided I wanted for myself. Not because that’s what will make me look the best.

Sometime I get really pissed talking to people who are native OCers. You can really tell who they are. EVerything they do, every little action is thought through based on HOW it will be perceived by their peers. I say screw what they want, if it’s not what you want, they why do it? There’s no point… absolutely NONE!

It pisses me off so much. Sometimes I wish I could just go some place secluded and do work and make a living, without having to interact with these stupid people all the time, without having to be bombarded by thousands of ads trying to make me to buy things I don’t never every single day. I want to be able to turn around and not see a fucking McDonalds or a Starfucks. I want to be able to go to the grocery store, a small town, locally owned store and be able to AFFORD the organic products. (They are insanely expensive here in the OC).

I want a store where the meat walks in the back door and leaves the front in my sack. I want to go to a store where the people actually know who I am without having to look at the receipt, just so they can say. ‘Thank you Mr. Black”.

But alas, we’ll never have that world because too many people have been seduced into living this falseness. I don’t want to live in this substitution. I don’t want to be seduced into this world where I’m supposed to get married and have sex twice a week and have a house with a white picket fence and two and a half kids… That’s not what I want. I want to be ME.

I sat next to some guy from Le Mars, Iowa on the plane.. such a small world.

I am one of the millions of Texans who didn’t vote for George W Bush in this last apocalyptic election. So your magazine [Adbusters] is a lifesaver here in Dallas, where the majority of resident automatons are equally materialistic, mindless and violent. Yesterday a man opened the sun roof of his jaguar and shot three people with an AK-47 after a bar fight. If bush can’t prevent urban warfare in his home state, how does he expect to do it in an alien country a world away?

I find that hilarious. I kinda want to get my concealed weapons permit.

I pisses me off that there are posters everywhere here at DFW for the T-Mobile HotSpot… it says. “Another reason to get here two hours early”…. The airport used to be a spot where you were disconnected, like your car, and your house. Where work could be separated from home. The airport was someplace where you could sit back and relax and wait for your plane. Americans really need to realize the separation between home and work…. And they need to do something about it fast.

I’m glad that I work in a company which is fairly strick about these things. 40 hours a week, etc etc… Although there are times when I have to work at home, or over 40 hours a week, or on my weekend. But that’s to be expected when you’re running an uptime reliant thing. It’s sad that the rest of America isn’t getting it, Corporate america.

The latest Adbusters was full of things about schools and education. It was a REALLY good read. I suggest that if you have someone going into public school you should read it…

Sorry about all the disconjoined thoughts.

Everyone should go download music by ‘i f williams’.. very good shit. They have a few free songs on their website. I’m going to see if I can get the CD while I’m in Iowa.

I’m out. Adios.


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  1. i agree airports are cool since everyone from everywhere goes through there. but the problem is that everyone from everywhere is there making it too crowded (especially in LAX). anyway you said a lot… and i have more to say too so i’ll just e-mail it to you.. haha.

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