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OMG, it’s fucking HUMID here.

So far the trip has been good… Both my parents and my G&G were there too meet me, pretty funny. Cause only one was suposed to meet me.

We finially got back to G&G’s house at 10:00ish. WE stopped in some small ass town on the way home for dinner. The stupid waitress flirted with me then my grandpa blurted out how much I make to her, and she flirted with me even more. She was fat and ugly. But there was a hot boy working there that I wouldn’t have minded flirting with me. 🙂

Got home, checked e-mail and then went to bed. Andy called me at 1am, but I didn’t answer. Got up at 11;30 and ate dinner, then walked aorund main street and then drove out to see GG. Just got back from there.

The boys here are so hot! Barker Grandkids are YUMMY! Rarr.

So yeah, probably just sitting around the G&G’s house for the rest o the day now. Maybe a movie tonight over in Corning.

Adios all!

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Well enjoy your time home in good old Iowa!! But the humidity is supposed to go away tonight. It’s pretty cool out there tonight.


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