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OMG! Dialup is fucking killing me!


Gma and I went over to corning last night to see Charlie and the Choc Factory… It was either that or that movie with the car, what’s it called? That was the one in Creston… So we went to corning. I was hoping that David would be working, but he wasn’t. I left my number with his dad though and he said he’d give it to him next time he talks to him. So hopefully I can hang out with him while I’m back.

Got home and checked my e-mail. then went to bed.

Got up this morning about 10:30 and have been shampooing carpets ever since then. Going to have dinner here soon… Noodles and roast! Yummy!

It’s been raining here all weekend, which kinda sucks. But at least it’s keeping the heat down. I want to get some sun though so I can go take pictures around town.

Adios all.

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