Last Day!!

And here it starts….

My LAST DAY of working overnights… I’m so fucking excited! YAY!

I leave for Iowa at 8ish… I can’t wait!

I find it REALLY annoying that on the days that Mike works the evening shift there’s never more then 3-5 e-mails marked as unread (And when I look at them, they are all things taht RUDY needs to take care of)… But when Rudy works the night shift there’s ALWAYS more then 20 e-mails unread, including those 5 that have been sitting there for MORE THEN A WEEK waiting for him to do something with them! I know I’ve bitched about this before, but it’s my last day, I felt the need to bitch about it once more! haha.


6 thoughts on “Last Day!!”

  1. that’s right man.. let it out! does that mean you don’t have to deal with rudy anymore? if so, yay!

    omg i didn’t realise it was the 11th already.. anyway have fun in iowa. take care

  2. Yep, that means after tonight I am officially done with ALL MY HELP DESK DUTIES!

    Thank god!

    And yeah, this month/summer has been FLYING by! I feel like I’ve wasted so much of it. 🙁

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