Andrew and sex

So, just found out that andrew has made out with 7 people while over there in europe. Blowjobs with 2 and fucked one…

That really hurts. It just kinda pushes him over into the slutty column for me… I mean he’s always been a little easy, and that just did it.

And then the following conversation kinda makes me feel like things are completly over with him and I.

It just really hurts.

6:49:31 AM blackc2004: yes.

6:49:33 AM blackc2004: what’s up?

6:49:40 AM squall0112: not much chilling in spain

6:49:47 AM blackc2004: chilling?

6:49:49 AM blackc2004: lol

6:49:58 AM squall0112: actually sweating to death

6:50:03 AM blackc2004: lol… join the club

6:50:04 AM squall0112: haha my mom emailed you after i talked to her earlier

6:50:17 AM blackc2004: She’s one crazy woman

6:50:21 AM squall0112: yeah

6:50:28 AM blackc2004: so what’s up?

6:50:28 AM squall0112: hows work

6:50:31 AM squall0112: i cant find the question mark

6:50:35 AM blackc2004: boring.. i haven’t done shit all day

6:50:35 AM squall0112: nothing, im spending the day by myself

6:50:40 AM squall0112: sounds fun

6:50:41 AM blackc2004: why by yourself/

6:50:52 AM blackc2004: not really i’m working 10 hours m-w… and have NOTHING to do

6:50:55 AM squall0112: well for one, no one is around

6:51:05 AM squall0112: and for two, ive had enough of people and just wanted some alone time

6:51:13 AM blackc2004: Ahhh

6:51:16 AM blackc2004: well i’m sure it’ll be fun

6:51:17 AM squall0112: so i wrote a paper in this really cool temple ish fountain thing

6:51:21 AM squall0112: then sat under a tree and read a book

6:51:23 AM squall0112: well im almost done

6:51:31 AM squall0112: im going back to the ship after im done with the computer

6:51:36 AM blackc2004: yeah.. i forgot it’sl ike 4 or somethihng, eh

6:51:41 AM squall0112: yeah almost 4

6:51:51 AM squall0112: plus, yo uread my email i sent– im so tired of travelling

6:51:59 AM blackc2004: i can imagine

6:52:12 AM squall0112: luckily its over

6:52:15 AM squall0112: well not luckily

6:52:23 AM squall0112: i dont want to be here, but i dont want to go home if that makes sense

6:52:25 AM blackc2004: well it’ll be good to have you back around here to talk to

6:52:32 AM blackc2004: yes, i know what you mean

6:53:01 AM squall0112: yeah i probably have 87093287493 stories

6:53:15 AM squall0112: though i must say, im now very jealous of you for where you got to go in mexico

6:53:28 AM blackc2004: lol… well we’ll have to use skype to talk about it all

6:53:29 AM blackc2004: why?

6:54:07 AM squall0112: skype?

6:54:13 AM squall0112: cause the guggenheim had this huge aztec exhibit

6:54:21 AM blackc2004: Ahhh. yes.

6:54:21 AM squall0112: and the stuff was so cool, now im dying to go see it for real

6:54:26 AM blackc2004: I’ll explain skype when you get back

6:54:33 AM blackc2004: well maybe we can go see it.

6:54:44 AM blackc2004: but only if you take me to europe somewhere.

6:54:52 AM squall0112: czech republic maybe

6:54:58 AM squall0112: or norway again

6:55:07 AM squall0112: or any of the places ive been again really, id love to do all of them over

6:55:15 AM blackc2004: yeah.

6:55:24 AM squall0112: guess what the picture count is?

6:55:38 AM blackc2004: I told you ben moved there for 6 months, no?.. i wish I had got that chance!

6:55:40 AM blackc2004: 2,000?

6:56:11 AM squall0112: no i didnt know he moved there

6:56:13 AM squall0112: 3300

6:56:21 AM blackc2004: wow

6:56:26 AM blackc2004: thats a ton dsgit

6:56:47 AM squall0112: mm hmm

6:56:52 AM squall0112: its over 3.7 gigs

6:57:05 AM squall0112: there are a lot of repeats

6:57:08 AM squall0112: but they are all so fun

6:57:14 AM squall0112: when are you coming to see them?

6:57:42 AM blackc2004: i dunno yet

6:57:53 AM squall0112: ill send yo ua few teasers

6:57:54 AM blackc2004: we both have a three day weekend the week after you get back

6:57:59 AM squall0112: and youll be DYING for the rest

6:58:02 AM squall0112: oh thank god

6:59:12 AM blackc2004: but I dunno if I’ll come back or not… i would have just got back from there!

6:59:29 AM squall0112: why not just extend your vaca a day or two

6:59:40 AM blackc2004: because I already have the flight

7:00:33 AM squall0112: itll cost much less to change than to plan a whole other trip

7:00:49 AM blackc2004: yeah, well i’ll talk to my boss about it… but I don’t think we can work that out

7:01:08 AM squall0112: ahh sadness

7:01:18 AM squall0112: so is anything happening in your life? your emails are sparsely detailed

7:01:23 AM blackc2004: yes…. so are you ever going to answer my question?

7:01:38 AM blackc2004: that’s because my life is sparsely detailed… like I said, I sit around on my couch all day

7:01:58 AM squall0112: ill answer your questio if you tell me why you want to know

7:02:04 AM blackc2004: because I do

7:02:36 AM squall0112: that isnt an answer

7:02:42 AM squall0112: i will reveal all if i konw why

7:02:46 AM blackc2004: yes it is… I want to know what you did.

7:02:49 AM squall0112: and if you tell me what you did with the boys youve beenseeing

7:03:01 AM blackc2004: i haven’t done anything with any boys.

7:03:07 AM blackc2004: i haven’t even made out

7:03:35 AM squall0112: ahh

7:03:42 AM squall0112: i think im done after this trip

7:04:09 AM blackc2004: done with what? And what did you two do? and how many boys did you make out with in spain?

7:04:22 AM squall0112: only one

7:04:52 AM blackc2004: so that’s like a total of 5 or 6 now?

7:05:00 AM blackc2004: did you get one in every country then?

7:05:11 AM squall0112: total of 7

7:05:12 AM squall0112: nope

7:05:13 AM squall0112: 2 in russia

7:05:16 AM squall0112: none in poland

7:05:23 AM blackc2004: well russia made up for it.

7:05:24 AM squall0112: or norway

7:05:29 AM blackc2004: so what did you and mark do?

7:05:55 AM squall0112: i dont want to get into any arguments over aim, so please just tell me why you want to know

7:06:00 AM squall0112: i hav eno problem telling you i just want to know why

7:06:07 AM blackc2004: just because I want to know

7:06:11 AM blackc2004: that’s the only reason I want to know

7:06:21 AM squall0112: you best not get mad then

7:06:47 AM blackc2004: i already am mad that you made out with 7, i’d just like to know what all you’ve done… so just be honest

7:06:57 AM squall0112: why are you mad??

7:07:16 AM blackc2004: that’s not important, i don’t want to get in a fight… i’d just like to know please

7:07:24 AM squall0112: i made out with 7, hooked up with 3

7:07:33 AM blackc2004: hooked up with… meaning?

7:07:47 AM squall0112: you want details?

7:07:56 AM blackc2004: well i want to know what all hooked up entails?

7:08:08 AM squall0112: with one guy it was blowjobs

7:08:22 AM squall0112: another one blew and rimmed me but i didnt do anything to him

7:08:54 AM blackc2004: and?

7:09:19 AM squall0112: and i had sex with marc

7:09:27 AM squall0112: for like 5 minutes

7:09:42 AM blackc2004: ok

7:09:52 AM squall0112: youre mad

7:10:09 AM blackc2004: i told you i was already mad… so it’s not a big deal

7:10:20 AM squall0112: yes and now its yoru turn to tell me why you are mad

7:11:21 AM blackc2004: I don’t want to fight about this, because then you will just blame me for ruining your last days on your trip.. so don’t worry about it.. It’s not a big deal

7:11:52 AM squall0112: i guarantee you it wont turn into a fight, my days will not be ruined

7:12:00 AM squall0112: just tell me and then we will switch the topic to something else

7:12:37 AM blackc2004: my opinion of you just isn’t very good right now.

7:12:44 AM squall0112: why

7:13:22 AM blackc2004: because you’ve made out with more people in the last 2 months then I have in my life! And if we were to get back tother, i’d like someone who’s a little less loose.

7:13:42 AM squall0112: less loose, what does that mean

7:13:57 AM squall0112: you konw im still less loose, or whatever, than most other guys you know

7:13:58 AM blackc2004: not a slut.

7:14:07 AM squall0112: im not a slut

7:14:20 AM squall0112: kissing a few guys overa summer in europe makes someone a slut?

7:14:20 AM blackc2004: well now we’re fighting about this.

7:14:23 AM blackc2004: so change the topic

7:14:34 AM squall0112: im not fighting at all, im merely asking

7:14:35 AM squall0112: im not pissed

7:14:51 AM blackc2004: yes, well I am.. and I’m at work and about ready to just cry. so I want to change the topic. please

7:15:03 AM squall0112: do you want me to call you?

7:15:13 AM blackc2004: no. I’m at work

7:15:18 AM squall0112: ok

7:15:26 AM squall0112: well you can call the ship if you want

7:15:44 AM blackc2004: we can just talk about it when you get back

7:16:13 AM squall0112: well just answer me this… were you looking to get back together once i return ?

7:16:26 AM blackc2004: I was

7:16:45 AM squall0112: even though we live far away?

7:16:57 AM blackc2004: that’s what you asked me to think about wasn’t it?”!

7:17:12 AM blackc2004: that’s why I haven’t done anything with anyone all summer.

7:18:28 AM squall0112: but we dont live close to each other

7:18:39 AM squall0112: weree you going to move? were you going to tell me about this?

7:18:51 AM blackc2004: obviously I was going to talk to you about it once you got back

7:19:04 AM blackc2004: we haven’t had the best medium for talking about things like this all summer, have we?

7:19:31 AM squall0112: no but i thought you wouldve mentioned it

7:19:41 AM squall0112: you didnt answer aboutt he moving

7:19:49 AM blackc2004: i’m still looking for a job

7:20:46 AM squall0112: ok

7:21:11 AM squall0112: sorry i dont know what to say

7:21:30 AM squall0112: but dont be pissed, you knew i was gonna make out with boys on the trip

7:22:08 AM blackc2004: i didn’t think this many, nor that you’d have sex with them either

7:22:22 AM squall0112: well with marc it was different though

7:22:32 AM blackc2004: different how? you knew him like 4 days

7:22:56 AM squall0112: liek i said it was only a few minutes, and i actually liked him

7:23:04 AM squall0112: liek i said it was only a few minutes, and i actually liked him

7:23:08 AM squall0112: yeah but it snot like we met at the bar and i went and fucked him

7:23:27 AM squall0112: that would be bad, but we liked each other and went on dates and it ended up happening

7:23:31 AM blackc2004: I thought we were not going to talk bout this anymore

7:23:42 AM squall0112: you have no room to talk cause you and jon had sex and you werent dating

7:23:47 AM squall0112: and at least i was honest with you about marc, you lied to me

7:24:03 AM squall0112: so weve had sex with the same amount of people

7:24:21 AM blackc2004: we’re not bringing this up now! jonjon and I ended up dating.. you’ll probably never see marc again!

7:24:37 AM squall0112: not true, he wants to visit iowa

7:24:54 AM blackc2004: yeah, and you think there’s any future relationship there?!

7:25:02 AM squall0112: im not saying there is

7:25:10 AM squall0112: if i lived in ireland or he lived here, yeah

7:25:19 AM blackc2004: i thought we were CHANGING ThE TOPIC

7:25:25 AM squall0112: you knew jon for like a week or two when he fucked you, did you know there was a relationship there?

7:25:35 AM squall0112: ok change topic then

7:25:58 AM blackc2004: NO, but at least we knew each other like a MONTH is more the correct time frame.. .and he LIVED HERE

7:26:51 AM squall0112: ok well drop it–like you told me when i found out you lied for 9 months–it happened and i cant change it now

7:27:15 AM squall0112: and i think considering what you did, this isnt any worse by any means

7:27:45 AM blackc2004: we’re even for what I did… did you forget the night you came clean of all your shit too?

7:28:03 AM squall0112: and yet none of it was near as bad as lying for nine months straight to my face

7:28:07 AM squall0112: or physically hurting me

7:28:26 AM squall0112: i dont want to talk about this

7:28:34 AM blackc2004: yeah, that’s what I said forever ago!

7:28:41 AM blackc2004: and you still wouldn’t drop it.. just like always

7:28:46 AM blackc2004: now you’ve opened the can of worms.

7:28:48 AM blackc2004: thanks a lot

7:28:51 AM squall0112: i have to go because im paying for this — i want you to email me and tell me what it is thats going on

7:29:02 AM blackc2004: fine, have fun.

7:29:03 AM blackc2004: bye

7:29:16 AM squall0112: well you just had to know what i did with marc even though you knew it would hurt you

7:29:31 AM blackc2004: and you’re the one who wouldn’t fucking drop the conversation!

7:29:36 AM blackc2004: JUST LIke ALWAYS

7:29:53 AM squall0112: well if im always doing things like this, why do you want to date me?

7:30:03 AM blackc2004: well now I’m wondering if I do.

7:30:12 AM blackc2004: we haven’t talked in months and the first thing we do is get in a fight,

7:30:15 AM blackc2004: so maybe I was wrong

7:30:17 AM blackc2004: maybe I don’t anymore

7:30:27 AM squall0112: we fight b-c you had to know what i did

7:30:34 AM squall0112: it didnt have to be a fight, you are the one who called me a slut

7:30:36 AM blackc2004: no, we fight because you wouldn’t drop it

7:30:56 AM blackc2004: we fight because you are bringing up things that we’ve reconciled long ago!

7:31:03 AM squall0112: well its dropped now– id like you to email me and tell me what it is thats been going on in your head this summer

7:31:09 AM squall0112: if you dont want to, then fine, but its only fair

7:31:21 AM blackc2004: i’m not going to. we can tal about it when you get back

7:31:32 AM squall0112: fine YOU bring it up then

7:31:55 AM squall0112: and for gods saks dont make it during our first conversation, the week i get back will be stressful enough

7:32:02 AM blackc2004: fine

7:32:09 AM squall0112: will you stop saying fine

7:32:24 AM squall0112: you wont have any contact at all with me for at least 2 weeks so try and be nice

7:32:34 AM blackc2004: ME? ME? you try and be nice!

7:32:49 AM squall0112: im trying, but one of my friends just called me a slut

7:32:58 AM squall0112: and i was already having a bad day

7:33:27 AM squall0112: i have to go the things at 2 euros and i have to catch the bus

7:33:33 AM blackc2004: ok

7:33:38 AM blackc2004: have a good rest of the trip

7:33:40 AM blackc2004: goodbye

7:33:44 AM squall0112: thak you

7:33:47 AM squall0112: take care

7:33:48 AM squall0112: bye

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