Restaurants in Prague and Vienna

While we were out and about in Prague and Vienna we ate out a every night. Here’s a list of some of my favorite places we ate at while there (in no real order):


1) Cafe Central – Vienna. They had some very good cakes and desserts. As well as excellent Coffee and Tea
2) Hotel Sacher – Vienna. You must visit this place for the famous Sachertorte. It’s well worth the price. Plus the waiters were all hot. 🙂
3) Cafe Frauenhuber – Vienna. Excellent Wiener Schnitzel. Also a great atmosphere and history as this is the supposed last place that Mozart’s last public performance took place here.
4) Cafe Landtmann – Vienna. A fairly expensive place, but well worth it. The food was excellent as well as the atmosphere. I’d suggest sitting inside in the “Smoking” area as it’s much nicer then the outdoors area. However, when you sit in the glass enclosure outside you get a wonderful view of the Rathaus.
5) Haas & Haas – Vienna. Stop here in the afternoon for a wonderful drink of tea and some excellent desserts. They have a WONDERFUL chocolate brownie type thing. Just amazing. I can’t remember the name, but ask your waitress, it was the first item listed on the dessert menu.


1) Jama Pub – Prague. Stop in here for a quick bite in the afternoon. They have some pretty americanized food. But it was excellent and everyone was very friendly. This is also a great pub to stop into at night for a quick drink.
2) I honestly don’t remember the name of this place and sadly I can’t find the business card we took from there, but it’s right next to Jama Pub in Prague. You can find it because they are next door to each other (there’s a car lot in between then, it’s down the street towards Vodickova) and this one has a fish tank in the window.
3) Marie Teresie Restaurant – Prague. Another great place to go eat, it was a little dead when we went, but we were there early and on a week night. It’s in the basement and they had some excellent decorations and history.
4) Restaurant Gratia – Prague. This was probably my favorite place we ate at while in Prague. Located in the arcade of the house is a commemorative board reminding of the fact that at that very place, in November, 1989, by the brutal suppression of the peaceful students’ demonstration the “velvet revolution” started. The food was soo good. You can see a picture of me and my food here!
5) If you’re there during the Winter Festival/Christmas Market time, be sure and stop at one of the stands and pick up some Staroceske Trdlo . I’d highly suggest hanging around and watching it be made too. It’s pretty interesting.
6) And lastly, if you’re feeling adventurous! Try out one of the MANY MANY stands located between Mustek and Museum metro stations in Wenceslas Square. You can smell the meat cooking from a long ways away! It was actually really good. 🙂

Andrew and sex

So, just found out that andrew has made out with 7 people while over there in europe. Blowjobs with 2 and fucked one…

That really hurts. It just kinda pushes him over into the slutty column for me… I mean he’s always been a little easy, and that just did it.

And then the following conversation kinda makes me feel like things are completly over with him and I.

It just really hurts.

6:49:31 AM blackc2004: yes.

6:49:33 AM blackc2004: what’s up?

6:49:40 AM squall0112: not much chilling in spain

6:49:47 AM blackc2004: chilling?

6:49:49 AM blackc2004: lol

6:49:58 AM squall0112: actually sweating to death

6:50:03 AM blackc2004: lol… join the club

6:50:04 AM squall0112: haha my mom emailed you after i talked to her earlier

6:50:17 AM blackc2004: She’s one crazy woman

6:50:21 AM squall0112: yeah

6:50:28 AM blackc2004: so what’s up?

6:50:28 AM squall0112: hows work

6:50:31 AM squall0112: i cant find the question mark

6:50:35 AM blackc2004: boring.. i haven’t done shit all day

6:50:35 AM squall0112: nothing, im spending the day by myself

6:50:40 AM squall0112: sounds fun

6:50:41 AM blackc2004: why by yourself/

6:50:52 AM blackc2004: not really i’m working 10 hours m-w… and have NOTHING to do

6:50:55 AM squall0112: well for one, no one is around

6:51:05 AM squall0112: and for two, ive had enough of people and just wanted some alone time

6:51:13 AM blackc2004: Ahhh

6:51:16 AM blackc2004: well i’m sure it’ll be fun

6:51:17 AM squall0112: so i wrote a paper in this really cool temple ish fountain thing

6:51:21 AM squall0112: then sat under a tree and read a book

6:51:23 AM squall0112: well im almost done

6:51:31 AM squall0112: im going back to the ship after im done with the computer

6:51:36 AM blackc2004: yeah.. i forgot it’sl ike 4 or somethihng, eh

6:51:41 AM squall0112: yeah almost 4

6:51:51 AM squall0112: plus, yo uread my email i sent– im so tired of travelling

6:51:59 AM blackc2004: i can imagine

6:52:12 AM squall0112: luckily its over

6:52:15 AM squall0112: well not luckily

6:52:23 AM squall0112: i dont want to be here, but i dont want to go home if that makes sense

6:52:25 AM blackc2004: well it’ll be good to have you back around here to talk to

6:52:32 AM blackc2004: yes, i know what you mean

6:53:01 AM squall0112: yeah i probably have 87093287493 stories

6:53:15 AM squall0112: though i must say, im now very jealous of you for where you got to go in mexico

6:53:28 AM blackc2004: lol… well we’ll have to use skype to talk about it all

6:53:29 AM blackc2004: why?

6:54:07 AM squall0112: skype?

6:54:13 AM squall0112: cause the guggenheim had this huge aztec exhibit

6:54:21 AM blackc2004: Ahhh. yes.

6:54:21 AM squall0112: and the stuff was so cool, now im dying to go see it for real

6:54:26 AM blackc2004: I’ll explain skype when you get back

6:54:33 AM blackc2004: well maybe we can go see it.

6:54:44 AM blackc2004: but only if you take me to europe somewhere.

6:54:52 AM squall0112: czech republic maybe

6:54:58 AM squall0112: or norway again

6:55:07 AM squall0112: or any of the places ive been again really, id love to do all of them over

6:55:15 AM blackc2004: yeah.

6:55:24 AM squall0112: guess what the picture count is?

6:55:38 AM blackc2004: I told you ben moved there for 6 months, no?.. i wish I had got that chance!

6:55:40 AM blackc2004: 2,000?

6:56:11 AM squall0112: no i didnt know he moved there

6:56:13 AM squall0112: 3300

6:56:21 AM blackc2004: wow

6:56:26 AM blackc2004: thats a ton dsgit

6:56:47 AM squall0112: mm hmm

6:56:52 AM squall0112: its over 3.7 gigs

6:57:05 AM squall0112: there are a lot of repeats

6:57:08 AM squall0112: but they are all so fun

6:57:14 AM squall0112: when are you coming to see them?

6:57:42 AM blackc2004: i dunno yet

6:57:53 AM squall0112: ill send yo ua few teasers

6:57:54 AM blackc2004: we both have a three day weekend the week after you get back

6:57:59 AM squall0112: and youll be DYING for the rest

6:58:02 AM squall0112: oh thank god

6:59:12 AM blackc2004: but I dunno if I’ll come back or not… i would have just got back from there!

6:59:29 AM squall0112: why not just extend your vaca a day or two

6:59:40 AM blackc2004: because I already have the flight

7:00:33 AM squall0112: itll cost much less to change than to plan a whole other trip

7:00:49 AM blackc2004: yeah, well i’ll talk to my boss about it… but I don’t think we can work that out

7:01:08 AM squall0112: ahh sadness

7:01:18 AM squall0112: so is anything happening in your life? your emails are sparsely detailed

7:01:23 AM blackc2004: yes…. so are you ever going to answer my question?

7:01:38 AM blackc2004: that’s because my life is sparsely detailed… like I said, I sit around on my couch all day

7:01:58 AM squall0112: ill answer your questio if you tell me why you want to know

7:02:04 AM blackc2004: because I do

7:02:36 AM squall0112: that isnt an answer

7:02:42 AM squall0112: i will reveal all if i konw why

7:02:46 AM blackc2004: yes it is… I want to know what you did.

7:02:49 AM squall0112: and if you tell me what you did with the boys youve beenseeing

7:03:01 AM blackc2004: i haven’t done anything with any boys.

7:03:07 AM blackc2004: i haven’t even made out

7:03:35 AM squall0112: ahh

7:03:42 AM squall0112: i think im done after this trip

7:04:09 AM blackc2004: done with what? And what did you two do? and how many boys did you make out with in spain?

7:04:22 AM squall0112: only one

7:04:52 AM blackc2004: so that’s like a total of 5 or 6 now?

7:05:00 AM blackc2004: did you get one in every country then?

7:05:11 AM squall0112: total of 7

7:05:12 AM squall0112: nope

7:05:13 AM squall0112: 2 in russia

7:05:16 AM squall0112: none in poland

7:05:23 AM blackc2004: well russia made up for it.

7:05:24 AM squall0112: or norway

7:05:29 AM blackc2004: so what did you and mark do?

7:05:55 AM squall0112: i dont want to get into any arguments over aim, so please just tell me why you want to know

7:06:00 AM squall0112: i hav eno problem telling you i just want to know why

7:06:07 AM blackc2004: just because I want to know

7:06:11 AM blackc2004: that’s the only reason I want to know

7:06:21 AM squall0112: you best not get mad then

7:06:47 AM blackc2004: i already am mad that you made out with 7, i’d just like to know what all you’ve done… so just be honest

7:06:57 AM squall0112: why are you mad??

7:07:16 AM blackc2004: that’s not important, i don’t want to get in a fight… i’d just like to know please

7:07:24 AM squall0112: i made out with 7, hooked up with 3

7:07:33 AM blackc2004: hooked up with… meaning?

7:07:47 AM squall0112: you want details?

7:07:56 AM blackc2004: well i want to know what all hooked up entails?

7:08:08 AM squall0112: with one guy it was blowjobs

7:08:22 AM squall0112: another one blew and rimmed me but i didnt do anything to him

7:08:54 AM blackc2004: and?

7:09:19 AM squall0112: and i had sex with marc

7:09:27 AM squall0112: for like 5 minutes

7:09:42 AM blackc2004: ok

7:09:52 AM squall0112: youre mad

7:10:09 AM blackc2004: i told you i was already mad… so it’s not a big deal

7:10:20 AM squall0112: yes and now its yoru turn to tell me why you are mad

7:11:21 AM blackc2004: I don’t want to fight about this, because then you will just blame me for ruining your last days on your trip.. so don’t worry about it.. It’s not a big deal

7:11:52 AM squall0112: i guarantee you it wont turn into a fight, my days will not be ruined

7:12:00 AM squall0112: just tell me and then we will switch the topic to something else

7:12:37 AM blackc2004: my opinion of you just isn’t very good right now.

7:12:44 AM squall0112: why

7:13:22 AM blackc2004: because you’ve made out with more people in the last 2 months then I have in my life! And if we were to get back tother, i’d like someone who’s a little less loose.

7:13:42 AM squall0112: less loose, what does that mean

7:13:57 AM squall0112: you konw im still less loose, or whatever, than most other guys you know

7:13:58 AM blackc2004: not a slut.

7:14:07 AM squall0112: im not a slut

7:14:20 AM squall0112: kissing a few guys overa summer in europe makes someone a slut?

7:14:20 AM blackc2004: well now we’re fighting about this.

7:14:23 AM blackc2004: so change the topic

7:14:34 AM squall0112: im not fighting at all, im merely asking

7:14:35 AM squall0112: im not pissed

7:14:51 AM blackc2004: yes, well I am.. and I’m at work and about ready to just cry. so I want to change the topic. please

7:15:03 AM squall0112: do you want me to call you?

7:15:13 AM blackc2004: no. I’m at work

7:15:18 AM squall0112: ok

7:15:26 AM squall0112: well you can call the ship if you want

7:15:44 AM blackc2004: we can just talk about it when you get back

7:16:13 AM squall0112: well just answer me this… were you looking to get back together once i return ?

7:16:26 AM blackc2004: I was

7:16:45 AM squall0112: even though we live far away?

7:16:57 AM blackc2004: that’s what you asked me to think about wasn’t it?”!

7:17:12 AM blackc2004: that’s why I haven’t done anything with anyone all summer.

7:18:28 AM squall0112: but we dont live close to each other

7:18:39 AM squall0112: weree you going to move? were you going to tell me about this?

7:18:51 AM blackc2004: obviously I was going to talk to you about it once you got back

7:19:04 AM blackc2004: we haven’t had the best medium for talking about things like this all summer, have we?

7:19:31 AM squall0112: no but i thought you wouldve mentioned it

7:19:41 AM squall0112: you didnt answer aboutt he moving

7:19:49 AM blackc2004: i’m still looking for a job

7:20:46 AM squall0112: ok

7:21:11 AM squall0112: sorry i dont know what to say

7:21:30 AM squall0112: but dont be pissed, you knew i was gonna make out with boys on the trip

7:22:08 AM blackc2004: i didn’t think this many, nor that you’d have sex with them either

7:22:22 AM squall0112: well with marc it was different though

7:22:32 AM blackc2004: different how? you knew him like 4 days

7:22:56 AM squall0112: liek i said it was only a few minutes, and i actually liked him

7:23:04 AM squall0112: liek i said it was only a few minutes, and i actually liked him

7:23:08 AM squall0112: yeah but it snot like we met at the bar and i went and fucked him

7:23:27 AM squall0112: that would be bad, but we liked each other and went on dates and it ended up happening

7:23:31 AM blackc2004: I thought we were not going to talk bout this anymore

7:23:42 AM squall0112: you have no room to talk cause you and jon had sex and you werent dating

7:23:47 AM squall0112: and at least i was honest with you about marc, you lied to me

7:24:03 AM squall0112: so weve had sex with the same amount of people

7:24:21 AM blackc2004: we’re not bringing this up now! jonjon and I ended up dating.. you’ll probably never see marc again!

7:24:37 AM squall0112: not true, he wants to visit iowa

7:24:54 AM blackc2004: yeah, and you think there’s any future relationship there?!

7:25:02 AM squall0112: im not saying there is

7:25:10 AM squall0112: if i lived in ireland or he lived here, yeah

7:25:19 AM blackc2004: i thought we were CHANGING ThE TOPIC

7:25:25 AM squall0112: you knew jon for like a week or two when he fucked you, did you know there was a relationship there?

7:25:35 AM squall0112: ok change topic then

7:25:58 AM blackc2004: NO, but at least we knew each other like a MONTH is more the correct time frame.. .and he LIVED HERE

7:26:51 AM squall0112: ok well drop it–like you told me when i found out you lied for 9 months–it happened and i cant change it now

7:27:15 AM squall0112: and i think considering what you did, this isnt any worse by any means

7:27:45 AM blackc2004: we’re even for what I did… did you forget the night you came clean of all your shit too?

7:28:03 AM squall0112: and yet none of it was near as bad as lying for nine months straight to my face

7:28:07 AM squall0112: or physically hurting me

7:28:26 AM squall0112: i dont want to talk about this

7:28:34 AM blackc2004: yeah, that’s what I said forever ago!

7:28:41 AM blackc2004: and you still wouldn’t drop it.. just like always

7:28:46 AM blackc2004: now you’ve opened the can of worms.

7:28:48 AM blackc2004: thanks a lot

7:28:51 AM squall0112: i have to go because im paying for this — i want you to email me and tell me what it is thats going on

7:29:02 AM blackc2004: fine, have fun.

7:29:03 AM blackc2004: bye

7:29:16 AM squall0112: well you just had to know what i did with marc even though you knew it would hurt you

7:29:31 AM blackc2004: and you’re the one who wouldn’t fucking drop the conversation!

7:29:36 AM blackc2004: JUST LIke ALWAYS

7:29:53 AM squall0112: well if im always doing things like this, why do you want to date me?

7:30:03 AM blackc2004: well now I’m wondering if I do.

7:30:12 AM blackc2004: we haven’t talked in months and the first thing we do is get in a fight,

7:30:15 AM blackc2004: so maybe I was wrong

7:30:17 AM blackc2004: maybe I don’t anymore

7:30:27 AM squall0112: we fight b-c you had to know what i did

7:30:34 AM squall0112: it didnt have to be a fight, you are the one who called me a slut

7:30:36 AM blackc2004: no, we fight because you wouldn’t drop it

7:30:56 AM blackc2004: we fight because you are bringing up things that we’ve reconciled long ago!

7:31:03 AM squall0112: well its dropped now– id like you to email me and tell me what it is thats been going on in your head this summer

7:31:09 AM squall0112: if you dont want to, then fine, but its only fair

7:31:21 AM blackc2004: i’m not going to. we can tal about it when you get back

7:31:32 AM squall0112: fine YOU bring it up then

7:31:55 AM squall0112: and for gods saks dont make it during our first conversation, the week i get back will be stressful enough

7:32:02 AM blackc2004: fine

7:32:09 AM squall0112: will you stop saying fine

7:32:24 AM squall0112: you wont have any contact at all with me for at least 2 weeks so try and be nice

7:32:34 AM blackc2004: ME? ME? you try and be nice!

7:32:49 AM squall0112: im trying, but one of my friends just called me a slut

7:32:58 AM squall0112: and i was already having a bad day

7:33:27 AM squall0112: i have to go the things at 2 euros and i have to catch the bus

7:33:33 AM blackc2004: ok

7:33:38 AM blackc2004: have a good rest of the trip

7:33:40 AM blackc2004: goodbye

7:33:44 AM squall0112: thak you

7:33:47 AM squall0112: take care

7:33:48 AM squall0112: bye