Restaurants in Prague and Vienna

While we were out and about in Prague and Vienna we ate out a every night. Here’s a list of some of my favorite places we ate at while there (in no real order):


1) Cafe Central – Vienna. They had some very good cakes and desserts. As well as excellent Coffee and Tea
2) Hotel Sacher – Vienna. You must visit this place for the famous Sachertorte. It’s well worth the price. Plus the waiters were all hot. 🙂
3) Cafe Frauenhuber – Vienna. Excellent Wiener Schnitzel. Also a great atmosphere and history as this is the supposed last place that Mozart’s last public performance took place here.
4) Cafe Landtmann – Vienna. A fairly expensive place, but well worth it. The food was excellent as well as the atmosphere. I’d suggest sitting inside in the “Smoking” area as it’s much nicer then the outdoors area. However, when you sit in the glass enclosure outside you get a wonderful view of the Rathaus.
5) Haas & Haas – Vienna. Stop here in the afternoon for a wonderful drink of tea and some excellent desserts. They have a WONDERFUL chocolate brownie type thing. Just amazing. I can’t remember the name, but ask your waitress, it was the first item listed on the dessert menu.


1) Jama Pub – Prague. Stop in here for a quick bite in the afternoon. They have some pretty americanized food. But it was excellent and everyone was very friendly. This is also a great pub to stop into at night for a quick drink.
2) I honestly don’t remember the name of this place and sadly I can’t find the business card we took from there, but it’s right next to Jama Pub in Prague. You can find it because they are next door to each other (there’s a car lot in between then, it’s down the street towards Vodickova) and this one has a fish tank in the window.
3) Marie Teresie Restaurant – Prague. Another great place to go eat, it was a little dead when we went, but we were there early and on a week night. It’s in the basement and they had some excellent decorations and history.
4) Restaurant Gratia – Prague. This was probably my favorite place we ate at while in Prague. Located in the arcade of the house is a commemorative board reminding of the fact that at that very place, in November, 1989, by the brutal suppression of the peaceful students’ demonstration the “velvet revolution” started. The food was soo good. You can see a picture of me and my food here!
5) If you’re there during the Winter Festival/Christmas Market time, be sure and stop at one of the stands and pick up some Staroceske Trdlo . I’d highly suggest hanging around and watching it be made too. It’s pretty interesting.
6) And lastly, if you’re feeling adventurous! Try out one of the MANY MANY stands located between Mustek and Museum metro stations in Wenceslas Square. You can smell the meat cooking from a long ways away! It was actually really good. 🙂