Serving Size

You know what pisses me off…

Is when something has a serving size of 3.. But there are like 19 or some other odd number that doesn’t divide into three in the package!

And I’m talking about items where there is always an exact number of the same thing in a box..

In this case we’re talking about sausages.

WHY make it three and then fucking put some wierd number in there, what am I supposed to do with ONE FUCKING SAUSAGE!

Fuck you!

I made a list of all the cars I’m thinking of buying too…. It’s at 22:

Make Model Specs

Acura TSX 6-Manual

Acura RSX 5-Manual

Audi A4 6-Manual (WB6, PX3)

Audi A3 6-Manual (PPD, 3EB)

BMW 325i 6-Manual (ZPP)

Ford Mustang Conv 5-Manual (552, 18G, 18R, 442)

Honda Accord Coupe

Honda Accord Sedan 5Man/Auto (LX, or EX-V6WNav)

Infiniti G35 Sedan

Infiniti G35 Coupe

Lexus IS300

Mazda RX-8

Mazda 3

Mazda 6

Nissan 350Z Coupe

Nissan Altima Sedan 6Man/Auto (2.5S (175HP) or SE-R)

Nissan 350Z Conv

Toyota Corolla

Toyota Camry


VW Jetta

I’ve started researching to know everything I can about them… I’m down to the Honda Accord, and I have to say it’s impressed me the most so far out of all of them. Seems to be so far the best “bang for your buck”


6 thoughts on “Serving Size”

  1. now is it gonna be new or used? personally i wouldn’t buy a used car even if it will save you a lot of money.. but not even Suze Orman can convince me otherwise. i’ll take her advice anywhere else but just not on cars. sigh…

  2. new… i’ve had two used cars and have had no problems with them. As long as you do your research and have the car inspected you should be fine.

    but for once I can afford a new car.. so I’m going to get one!

  3. I love driving the Honda Accord Hybrid, i used to drive one for my old job…love the gas milege too… Have fun on your trip babe, i guess i will try and call you while you are away, watch it will be like every other time i try and call…”hi you reached Chris’ cell…” well again have fun and please be safe

  4. lol go for it! btw.. you didn’t say if you’re getting the coupe or the sedan. regardless of which they’re both good! 😀

  5. well i haven’t decided which out of that whole list of cars as to which one I want for sure yet… I’m just saying that the honda has been most impressive so far. And so far it’s on the top of my decision matrix.

    However I still have to go out and test drive all the cars and wiegh all the other options. Plus I sitll have like a year or so of watching the sales/etc so I can decide when the best time to buy will be for me.

    Haha, I’m anal!

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