June 24, 2001

june 24, [smashing pumpkins, "1979"] well tonight’s been really

great, it’s good to be home. about 6:30 or so xak showed up randomly then

we called angie, who was having some party at her house, so we went and got

her. it was wierd being at her house with all these people there. then we

went off to xaks apt. we started watching this movie, it’s called 8 1/2 women,

but then mandy and vero called and they came over. once they got there we

went back to angies house and my house so we could change then we went to

java joes, there was some concert type thing at the plaza so there were alot

of people there, alot of hot people even, hehe. after that we went to the

gay loop, more hot people. adam was there, that was cool, he’s damn fucking

cute. ya know, there’s all these people that i’d like to ask out, but i either

say, oh well they’re to cute for me and they’d never go out with me, and i

just drop it, or i’m just to afraid to ask them. and it just sucks. i’d really

like to ask people out, but i just don’t know how to go about it. yeah. i

suck at the whole asking out thing. but yeah, it was good seeing adam, then

there were other random people that were there, i didn’t know them, but they

knew xak and vero, and angie so yeah. then there was this guy, he just came

over to us and started introducing himself, he was david or something like

that, he apparently knew vero. but he was damn cute, and i swear i’ve seen

him somewhere before, but i just don’t know where. yeah, that’s life.