Last update before Berlin!!

Well this will be my last update before I head off to Berlin, and I have lots of random stuff!

First… Do we really need to see the old KFC Logo from space?!

Second, Rush Limbaugh is an idiot.. For anyone who didn’t already know. I was listening to his show this morning on my 10/mph commute. Very annoying!

Thrid: How about an Astro-Weenie Christmas Tree…

Oh my… Charles is one interesting person! I’m glad that I got hooked up with his outfit! 🙂 And what’s better then a SPAM cake? Well a Cheese Whiz cake, naturally. Check out this hilarious interview with Charles!

Fourth: What have these people done to these poor BMW’s. The first one on page 18 is very entertaining.

Fifth, my phone here at the office hasn’t worked all week!

Last night B-Ri came over and I showed him where everything is. He’s very excited that I have lots of Alchohol in the freezer for him to drink. I warned the neighbors! After that I did a qiuck 15 mile bike ride, and then make sugar cookies. They are ok, but not at all what they should be! I tried using the Splenda sugar substitue stuff, I think that’s the problem! Oh well. Who knew that a cup of sugar has so many calories in it!

I laid down to watch TV after that and fell asleep… I missed Gilmore Girls, and for some reason the MythBox fucked up! Damn Mythbackend going defunct! It does this randomly. Hopefully it won’t while I am away in Berlin!

The Fray is tonight! Yay! Although I’m a bit nervous about it. We’ll see how it goes!

[private] Honstely robert is really pissing me off lately. He sent me this e-mail the other day: “Whatever, Im not playing this he said who said game. And you believe a word I say to you anyways. If you needed my place why didnt you call then?”… To which I replied. “What the hell are you talking about”. He never replied. So today I relied again with “What the hell”. He said that if I wanted to use his place to hook up with straight boy why didn’t I call… I told him that I _might_ need to use his place. Whay does it fucking matter if I did or didn’t call! Ugh. He’s just such a fucking idiot. And what the hell does this mean about I don’t believe anything he says? Maybe if he didn’t say that EVERYONE tried to make out with him I would believe it when he says that someone DID try to make out with him! UGH! Seriously, someone will say “HI” to him and he’ll be like, “Did you see that, he tried to make out with me”. God! I really don’t want to see him at the concert tonight. [/private]

This morning, I went to the gym and then came into work. 10/mph the WHOLE WAY. Normally it takes me 30 minutes to get here.. Today 2 hours! I know. I’m sure you are all sick of me complaining about traffic, but I just cannot get over how people do this EVERY DAY! I could bike to work faster!

Tomorrow I have planned to meet up with Bryan, along with 8 million other things I have to do. I’m very nervous about this whole flying into Berlin on my own and then taking the U-Bahn on my own as well. Oh well, I’m sure it’ll be fine!

I’m also going to be sending out my donation letters tomorrow.. I have 750 names on the list currently. If they all just donated $10 that’d be amazing! But I know that probably 95% of them won’t donate. So hopefully the 5% that do donate put in like $100+!! I think I’m getting my hopes up. I’ve started carrying around letters too, and any that I see with a rainbow sticker I put one on thier cars!


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