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The Fray & Germany Day 1


The band rocks, normally. Last night I loved the music, the lights, all the fucking HOT boys in the audience, but the vocals just SUCKED. You could NOT understand a WORD he was saying. We left even before the show was over.

[private]And of course robert was a fucking IDIOT! Screaming sexual things the whole time, talking about retarded stuff. He asked me like 2 times if I had been to Germany before. He should know me better then that! He told me he broke up with his ex-bf because after 2 months he said, “I love you”… I think that TWO MONTHS is plenty of time. UGH! What a fucking idiot. And because his ass was an HOUR late, we had to stand WAY in the back. When I got there I could have been like FRONT ROW![/private]

And to top off the horrible night.. traffic GETTING there was HELL! 2.5 hours to go 11.9 miles. YES 2.5 HOURS to go 11.9 MILES! It took me over an HOUR just to go the .5 (yes, HALF A FUCKING MILE) from my office to the freeway! THIS iS INSANE, the lights here in santa monica are RETARDED! ONE car would get through the intersection for EVERY TWO light rotations! OBSURD!

But did I mention the HOT HOT HOT boys that were in the audience, omg! And the opening band was great. So that’s good.

That night I went home, the power was out and was STILL out at 6am when I got up for work. I was on the freeway by 6:30 and the damn thing was at a stand still already! How do people DEAL! I just wish that LA had a GOOD public transport system! I also had an amazing dream that night… I was working at a resturant somewhere, and these three HOT, and I mean the hottest boys you will ever see.. 6’3”, muscles, yum yum! Anyways, they came in and I went home with them! 😉 haha.

Thursday I worked and did 8 million other things

Well, it’s now Saturday morning, 12:53am for LA, 9:53am for me here in Brussels. What a mess this

trip has been already, but lets not get ahead of ourselves….

Going back to Thursday. I went to work, and did some random stuff. Left about noon and went home to pack and clean and do whatnot. Also worked out in there and lots of other random stuff. Met up with Bryan, he was 30 minutes late, which I was not happy about since my day had been so full already. But it was nice to finially meet him and hang out. I had a good time, althogh we have very different tastes in music/movies. But sometimes that can be a good thing. No? I’d be interested in hanging out with him again.

Went to bed fairly early, got up early and went to the airport, no real problem getting in there, but I was in the wrong line at first. Apparently there are now different lines for if you are traveling internationally. Who knew!

Got on the first flight and sat next to two Executives of Victoria Secret. They talked business the whole trip. It was fairly annoying. I also read the book Austin gave me. Learned a lot. Apparently I am doing all the “right” things to meet guys, just not following through with it all. Or something. A lot of the advice about meeting people didn’t really pertain becase I’m gay and what not. But still a good book.

That flight = 5 hours. Ugh! And I am never flying American Airlines again. The flights were seriously like a flying refrigerator.

Got to JFK, and for some reaosn had to go BACK through security. Very annoying. This flight was supposed to have been 6.5 hours, but we were two hours late getting off the ground, so 8.5 hours on that plane.. Again, flying refrigerator. I was freezing to death the whole time. I spent most of flight thinking about what I had done wrong with Jay based on the book. Ugh. Also slept a lot, but clearly not enough. There was a sscreaming child in front of me.

Got to Brussels and they came on the intercom. “If you are staying here, please do not get out of your seat. If you are getting these 5 connections you must RUN to your gate.” My gate was A57… I was in B32. So we all get up and theres this guy BLOCKING the whole isle reading something…. oh and REALLLLLLLLLY hot boys on that flight. OMG!! Some guy starts yelling at the blocking guy and people start moving. So I get off the flight and start running to my gate.. I swaer it was 8 miles away. Had to go through not ONE but TWO, yes TWO security check points, get to gate A57, and NO PLANE!!! I start to panic, but before I get too crazy I check the monitor… I have to be in A50!!! Bastards on the plane lied.. Oh well, i get there and they are just starting to board, so I run to pee and come back.

The boys working the airport in Brussels… to DIE for, so fucking cute! And the accent. OMG!

BTW, I forgot to print out directions/address of our hostel. Hopefully I make it there! Food time now! Yay for good food on these flights.!

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