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Berlin – Day #2

Wow, so day #1 was tons of fun. We got to all the stuff that we had planned. With some minor hickups. Angel got on the wrong bus, so she got lost. But ended up taking a taxi to get to the hostel instead. While I was waiting at the bus stop for her. Oh well… So yeah, the stuff we did yesterday was just general stuff, and it looks like we’ll be hitting them up again for parts of today. Unter Den Liden, Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag and Nicholas’ Quarter. Had a great pizza for dinner. Food is pretty cheap here. We didn’t get around to writing postcards yesterday though. We’ll have to find some today to do.

My iPod freaked out yesterday and said that it was corropted. So I had to restore it, but that didn’t work and I was freaking out. But apparently the last time I tried before going to bed worked. So that appears good. It’s only 2 years old though! It shouldn’t be breaking already! 🙁

Today we are doing the walking tour at 10:30, and then Schloss Charlottenburg, the pink district, and Checkpoint Chralie. Should be fun! I’ll let you know.

…. Well it’s now like 8 hours later… Just got back from the tour. It was really good. I highly suggest doing it if you ever come to Berlin. We saw a lot of what we sawyesterday, but got a lot more history so that was cool. Plus we met some really nice people. There’s a Pub Crawl going on tonight, and I’m debating about doing that or not. I dunno, the really cute boy is going to be there. I shall see how tired I am when that point comes. Maybe I should take a nap.

EVERYTHING is closed tomorrow… Even then things that the book said was open. So I’m not what we are going to do. But I’m sure we shall find something!

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