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Berlin – Day #3

Well today was really fun, but lets go back to last night. So I took a nap, and went out to the pub crawl.. Not a good time, at least not for me. First, it was raining. I got all dressed up cute, green shirt, white long sleeve under shirt, Gsus Jacket, very adorable. Walked over to the station and paid my $10, hung out there, got force handed a beer. Everyone was standing outside in the rain though, for some reason we couldn’t go into the bar even though it was open! James (the cute boy from San Lius Obispo, CA) was there, I said HI to him, but he basically ignored me. Everyone was with the group they came with and I was just there all alone. So after like 30 minutes of just standing in the rain, not talking to anyone or what not, I went down one door to this really nive building that said it had doctors in it, and stood on the stoop out of the rain.. Well after a couple minutes these two girls came out, wearing VERY slutty clothes, with corsets on the OUTSIDE of their clothes… Strange outfit I thought, but whatever… Then over the next like 20 minutes 10 more girls all came out in the same VERY slutty clothes. So now I’m like… “I wonder if this is a brothel!”… Sure enough, about 15 minutes later one of the first girls that went out came back with a guy in tow… Then another girl. I left after that. Total waste of my $10.. I hate that it happened like that. I reallyw anted to have a good time too. :'(

Today we got up and had breakfast. Then went over to Potsdam, everything was of course closed, but we did find the “New Palace”…. Which is GUEST quarters, was open to tours. This place is HUGE and amazing! OMG! I could not believe it. Andrew would have loved it with all the art they had. We got lost in Potsdam though but found some cool areas, and also found a place where they were digging up stuff. So that was really cool!

Came back here about 5ish, came back to the hostel and hung out for a little bit. Then we went back to the Riechstag and climbed up to the top. It was really neat up there and you could get a great view of the city! From there we came back to the hostel and are just hanging out, planning tomorrow.

I’m having a great time with Angel. Amazingly we haven’t fought yet! But it’s VERY annoying how slow she walks. There’s so much I want to cover and so much I want to go out and explore, but I can’t cuase she’s tired and she hurts. I’m tired, I hurt, but I want to explore this amazing city more then the few blocks surrounding our hostel! I want to go to Kurfurstendamn and check it out, I want to go the Pink District and check it out. I want to go out at night and sit at a cafe and just chill. But I can’t because I don’t want to leave her here alone! Ugh.

Let me say it again though. I’m having an AMAZING time! So excited to be here. It’s GREAT!

We’ve been listening to Christmas carols all day and I’m SO excited for christmas! 🙂 I can’t wait! I’m also REALLY loving this whole bundle up thing. OMG, the scarves, the coats, the sweaters. SO ADORABLE! You have to go look at the pictures!

I also realized today that I am flying NONSTOP from London to LA… someone SHOOT me!

Ok, shower time for me. I stink! I’m gonna try jacking off in there tooooo.

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Thanks for the nice words on my site. Still not sure who you are. The next time you’re in Berlin don’t puss out on the Pubcrawl, it’s amazing and easy to meet very drunk Aussie and Canadian girls…but for some reason I don’t think you give much of a shit about that…

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