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Eh. Week is going. I’m still really upset about the whole issues with Mayko. I was really hoping that through all this we could at least be friends. I just can’t get over that he would just throw away our friendship like this. Just really hurts, as per usual. Also have you noticed that shortly after I say something like. “If I’m still talking to so and so in X month we’ll do Y”.. And then I stop talking to that person. Ugh.

I’ve added a few new pages to the site.. Just some random strange things.

1) Baby Names – A page for me to put names that I come across and really like. Kinda small at this point, but it’ll grow!

2) CjB For President! – A page for me to bitch about policies, etc. It’s still empty.

3) Rules for Dating me. – This is a page for people to read if they are interested in dating me. Tips and lists of things I like/don’t like. I think it’ll save some time…. lol

Monday work was good. I got another good project to do. But I spent most of the day re-learning Coldfusion!

Tuesday I went to the SM office and the fucking DSL was down. I bitch to the HD at 8am as soon as they got there and they started working on it. It still wasn’t up at 10. I had now wasted half my day, so I went home. As soon as I walked in my door I got a call. “The DSL is back up!”. Of course it is!

So I worked from home and did some random stuff. I chatted with this really cute guy named Matthew (the guy who runs GGB) and he told me about this concert tuesday night, it sounded really cool. But the group ended up going out to Beige. Jason, Ben and I. We had a really good time. Mayko was there. I felt so awk and horrible just ignoring him like that. I really wanted to go up and at least say ‘Hi’ or be nice. I dunno what to do. I mean now I’m sure I’ll be seeing him out wherever I go. I avoided eye contact the whole night with him and just enjoyed hanging out with the two boys. But Jason said everytime he looked in that direction Mayko and the guy he was with were looking at us and apparently at one point he was standing right behind me for like 10 minutes. I also really wish I could know what he was saying to the guy he was with. Because the group said he kept looking at us and then leaning in and talking to the guy he was with.. blah blah blah. You know it?

I really just want to talk to him and make things better. I started writing a letter to him yesterday afternoon. I know I shouldn’t send it, but I just can’t write people off. It’s so hard for me. I have to have people like me, my psychologist said I need to work on that, but I just don’t know how! lol.

I just don’t get it. I did NOTHING to hurt him and I’m sure you can generally tell from my writings here that I cared about him very much and would never purposly do anything to hurt him. I just feel like shit about the whole situation and what not.

Either way, the night as a whole was lots of fun. We chatted, we laughed, we shared stories. Good times. Picking up Ben and dropping him off was a mess though. His exit was closed and the area he lives in is so confusing to drive, etc. And then I had to get gas and the only place we could find was an Arco that kept declining my Credit card, ugh! It was a mess… Got home about 2ish and tried to crash, but I was just going over the whole Mayko situation and getting upset about it. Got up at 5am this morning and came into work for my 6am meeting with the CEO. I’ve got another good project from him that I’m working on. Currently taking a break and trying to think of a way to display the data.

As for Ben… He’s really cute, very nice, all the standard stuff so far. I mean I’ve only known him what 2 weeks or something? But last night while we were out, he hardly said anything! I kept trying to talk to him and getting one line answers, etc. I’m going to bring it up tonight on our movie date and see what he has to say. Because I can’t deal with someone who’s so quiet. Cause if it’s not going to work I’d like to keep him as a friend.

Pop vs. Soda Debate… Check out this cool map:

Pop Vs Soda

And OMG! Check out Harry Potter! Who wants to fly to London to see this!?!??!

Harry Potter Naked!

Harry Potter Naked!

This weekend I’m potentially flying up to Santa Barbara, grabbing lunch and then flying back. It should be tons of fun, and I’m really hoping it comes through. I’m not sure if I mentioned it or not, but Carlito randomly txted me last week saying he wanted to go flying with me. That boy is so crazy. So I have to call him today to find out if he’s still up for it. I sure hope so. If not, perhaps Jason and I can just go on our own or something.

Ok. I have to get back to work. Later!

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