My Boots! Where are my Boots?!

I have no idea where my boots are? Or something! Who knows!

Most of the same old craziness abounds in my life! Last week was great, Friday we had a wonderful dinner party with Sirin, Kris, Steve and I. Jason was supposed to come, but he was sick. 🙁 we made Tequila Lime chicken and Asparagus Risotto! We sat around the kitchen table from like 9pm-2am talking and having a great time! I think I drank a tad to much though! LOL

Saturday I got up at 8ish, Kris and I went kayaking and then hit up the company picnic party! All the people I work with are crazy and there was this really scary clown at the party. Kris and I almost won the water balloon tossing contest! 🙁 IT was really funny at the start when he THREW the balloon at me. I got him back for that! If my company doesn’t know I’m gay before, they def know now! We left there about 3 and I came home for a quick nap, shower and then off to the final CalPhil concert of the season. It was pretty good. They played Queen!

Sunday I got up and did rock climbing up at Stoney Point again. We did a different route this time (S-Crack) which was very challenging! No one made it up except for JoErick. 🙁 It was good trying though! Very very hot out! After that we hit up Souplantation and then I went home to do laundry and shit.

Some drama that evening between the whole Kris, Jason and I plans. Ended up having a really fun night anyways and drinking to many bottles of wine.

Monday, people called me into work early and then I felt sick most of the day. Went home early and napped from 5-10, went over to Kris’ to watch Weeds (oh my god, creepy!), came home after that and crashed.

Things overall have been great! Sirin got her house which really makes me want one now too! 🙁 I’m very excited for Dad to be here this weekend, going to be a real weekend of new experiences! I can’t wait! I have been getting a little annoyed though lately by someone’s constant negative attitude towards trying new things. I don’t get it, go out and try new things people! If you don’t like it then no big deal, at least you have tried and you can say you did it, if you do then cool, you have something new to do! Ugh. it’s just really annoying.

People are my office are still idiots. Calling me at fucking 6:30am for idiotic reasons and shit, downloading programs that just slow down the computer to a crawl and then complaining at me about it because the computer is slow. And really, who needs 14,000 emails in the inbox!?

Anyways, I really need to work on updating more. Life is just too busy!

Rock Climbing!

So this weekend was a little dramatic for me, as you can tell from the previous crazy post. Anyways, the rest of the weekend was alright. Even though I didn’t do anything really.

Saturday I was planning on doing a 40 mile bike ride up Stradella, but I didn’t sleep worth shit on Friday night and I woke up very sore so I didn’t go. Instead I spent 3 hours debadging my car and then washing and waxing it. It looked very pretty, up until about 15 minutes ago when a huge bug splattered all over my window! I also watched this really neat 3 hour special about Jesus: The Complete Story on the discover channel which was very interesting.

Sunday I got up early again and went rock climbing with a few of Constantine’s friends. I had a really good time with them. We were out there from 8:30-12:30 and by the end of it my muscles hurt so much that I couldn’t even wrap up the rope! lol. I wish I had taken my camera out there. From there we went to lunch at the Souplantation which was fun. Lots of interesting topics there. Today my muscles are very sore from the climbing, but it’s odd because it’s not muscles that I thought I was using while doing it! It’s mostly my back and sides that hurt and not the arms/legs like I thought they would happen.

Came home and went crazy and then went to bed.

I didn’t sleep well again last night, this is getting really annoying. There’s maybe 4-5 nights a week where I get very little sleep and just lay there tossing and turning. I did however have a very strange dream where I had 3 dogs and MooCow had a litter of kittens. Crazy, I know.

Today, Const and I start reading together. Our first book is Call Me By Your Name. Hopefully it’s good!

Ok. I’m off to start the week! Later.