Mika Concert!

This weekend, Const reminded me that I never blogged about the Mika Concert!

Oh my god. Just as good, if not better then Patrick Wolf.

Anyways, if you’ve never heard of him. Go check him out.

This weekend was fun. Dinner with Jason, Steve and Erick. I made a prime rib roast, but it wasn’t as tasty as I would have liked.

Saturday we did the Aquarium of the Pacific and then went to dinner with his friends up in Sherman Oaks which was tons of fun.

Sunday was a bit of an odd day. I think we were both a bit grumpy/tired/who knows. I went shopping and ate lunch at this place called “Lazy Dog” then Target then home where we watched this gay movie call
The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green. It was ok. Took a nap and then Const left my house. This’ll be the last weekend he spends here in LA for the next 6 months. It’s very sad. I cried a bit.

Not really in the mood for much more writing. Lots of other stuff to talk about though…

Patrick Wolf

So last night I went out to a concert in LA with Constantine. We saw a guy named Patrick Wolf. He was VERY gay. But also VERY VERY VERY good. Lots of craziness at his concert and lots of energy. Check out the video below…

We got there at 8:00 and he didn’t go on till 10:30. The place was so hot, but I had a ton of fun! Well worth going.

He also kept taking clothes off throughout the concert! Very yummy. There was some crazy french man standing in front of us.

Anyways, towards the end he threw out a cape thing into the audience and boys went CRAZY! Like 10-15 people ON THE FLOOR fighting over it. In the end we saw three of them standing at the bar with it still wrapped in their fists having the bar tender cut it into pieces for them all!

If he’s ever in your area, I highly suggest going to check it out!

UPDATE: So I’m being linked too by some board. These are the FREAKS who were fighting over the cape and trampling on top of people.. And they are calling my blog sad? Excuse me? I’m not the one in LOVE with patrick wolf and am pissed that he didn’t stare at me the whole time, etc. Get a life people.

So we got home about 1am and I decided that I would sleep in, so put my phone on silence. Well I got up at 8am this morning and showered and then watched an episode of The Daily Show and then started driving into the office. On my way there, I remembered that my phone was on silence, so I checked it… Three missed calls from the CEO and one missed call from a coworker! Oh GREAT!

Thankfully I was able to walk them through fixing the issues over the phone!

All My Songs – 2

So last time it took me over 5 months to listen to all my songs. For some reason this time it only took me 3 months!

Last night I got home and did some work. Sat down on the couch to watch a little TV and take a break and then ended up falling asleep. I didn’t get anything else done. Tonight I’m going to a Patrick Wolf concert with Constantine.