Mika Concert!

This weekend, Const reminded me that I never blogged about the Mika Concert!

Oh my god. Just as good, if not better then Patrick Wolf.

Anyways, if you’ve never heard of him. Go check him out.

This weekend was fun. Dinner with Jason, Steve and Erick. I made a prime rib roast, but it wasn’t as tasty as I would have liked.

Saturday we did the Aquarium of the Pacific and then went to dinner with his friends up in Sherman Oaks which was tons of fun.

Sunday was a bit of an odd day. I think we were both a bit grumpy/tired/who knows. I went shopping and ate lunch at this place called “Lazy Dog” then Target then home where we watched this gay movie call
The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green. It was ok. Took a nap and then Const left my house. This’ll be the last weekend he spends here in LA for the next 6 months. It’s very sad. I cried a bit.

Not really in the mood for much more writing. Lots of other stuff to talk about though…

Busy Busy Weekend

So… It’s been one hell of a weekend for me.

Lets go back to Friday, Austin was in the area when I got off work, so we went over to Fashion Island and ate lunch. He got annoyed with me because he didn’t think it was very smart to just ride over in one car. But he seemed ok with it all by the time we were over.

Drove back to my house and the traffic was pretty bad. Got there and the first thing he did was jump into my bed and take his shirt off and say. “Come lay with me for a while.”… So I was like thinking yay, you know he wants to cuddle and it’s going to be a good hanging out again.

So we end up laying in my bed from like 4 to 8 watching this movie, Beaches. After that we get up and I’m hungry so I start making dinner and he’s like, “Well I’m going to go home, I need Austin time and I can entertain myself more.” So I get really offended by that, I’m sorry that I have to take a minute to FREAKING COOK MySELF DINNER. Plus I was pissed because I was really hoping that he would spend the night again. :'( We haven’t slept together in forever, and I like that. I LOVE SLEEPING with people! Grrr.

So get into it and he leaves and I’m all pissed off, we had a big long convo about it once he got home and he said:

9:13:28 PM austin: i like you a lot, but i don’t think ur the guy for me

9:20:36 PM austin: i feel like i need someone more dominating

9:21:08 PM austin: more controlling

I’m not sure WHY he wants that though, those things never freaking work out. The controlling person always gets mad because they feel like they are being too motherly and the other person always gets mad because they eventually feel like the other is being too controlling. I’m really hoping that it’s just that he does have a job and is feeling lost. But who knows.

Anyways, I went to bed about 10 and slept horribly. Got up at 8:30 and cleaned up my house some and then met Robert for a bike ride at 9:30. We did that and I got home about noon and showered and tried calling Mark, etc to figure out plans. Everytime I’d call him he was like, “I’ll call you back in a minute” But he never did, so that was annoying. FInially Austin and I said we’d just go up there and hang out. Thankfully as we were heading out to meet each other Mark called back and we got the plans made.

We met up at the mall and he came up and hugged me which was nice. He ate lunch and we had a good talk then headed up to my house. Got in my car and started driving and he got all pissed at me because I didn’t have any music in my car and I just like to listen to the radio. So we drove there without really saying much to each other.

Got up there and I had a really good time. Skyler (with his wierd spelling) and James were both there. It was fun seeing them again, but I wish that they would have come out to dinner with us that night. James is so yummy! Too bad he’s uber straight! lol.

So we hung out at the conference and had a good time, talked to lots of random people and learned alot. So that was good. We went to this “Weakest Geek” thing and it was pretty entertaining.

Mark and Austin really talked a lot while I was off talking to other people, so they were getting along and it seemed like Austin was enjoying himself.

Oh, somewhere in there we picked up this guy named Brandon who was also family and kinda cute in a really geeky way.

So after the weakest geek we all pile into Scott’s truck and headed up to Santa Monica to Thrid Street. We found this nice Italian place and got right in without a problem! We all sat around drinking and talking and having a really good time and the food was amazing! We were there for over 2 hours, and I had 2 martini’s and Mark was nice enough to pay for everyone, it was like $60 a person too!!

We headed out after that to West Hollywood. Somehow Mark ended up between Austin and I in the car and they were being all cuddly and to me it even looked like they were giving each other little kisses here and there… Thus began my being pissed off for the rest of the fucking night.

So we get to The Abbey. We get in there and on the way there, Austin runs into someone he knows.. Which annoys me a bit. Then he starts talking about how he was there for new years and went home with this random guy. Which PISSED me off even more. So we get in there and the place is fucking PACKED like crazy.

We walk all the way to the back and buy everyone a round of drinks. Then on the way out Austin runs into this other guy he knows, and I’m just so annoyed with him by that point that Brandon and I just keep walking. We get outside and stand under this heat lamp thing and this cute little lesbian comes up and starts talking to us, so we chat with her for a bit and I bum a smoke off her. She eventually leaves and Austin, Mark and Scott STILL aren’t back, so Brandon and I go find a spot to sit down because I was starting to have this crazy break down and started crying.

So we find a spot and sit and talk and I poor my guts out to him and then FINIALLY Mark and Austin show up and Austin starts being all cute with me and stuff and asking if I’m pissed and I just pretty much ignored him. So we stay there till like 2 and finially we all leave and Mark and Austin sit next to each other again and AGAIN it looked as though they were giving kisses. Grrr.

We get back to the hotel and Austin’s all talking about just going up to Scott’s room and sleeping there. But he doesn’t. So Mark and Austin get into the same bed, so I just take the other one, then they somehow both ended up in the bed I was in, but those two cuddled all night and I just kept my back to them. I was SO FUCKING PISSED AT Austin.

Got up at 8am, still drunk and drove back to Aliso from LAX.

We get back just as my Aunt’s are calling me saying they are there… So Austin meets them for a second and then goes home. We go into my place and I shower and head out for a REALLY long day with them.

I took them up to Top of the World and thankfully it was clear, cause when I was up there Saturday morning it was all cloudy and nasty. They all seemed to enjoy that. They we drove around downtown laguna for a while, then headed up to Newport Via PCH. Took them up through there and then showed them my office since we were driving right past it. There was some girl there with a group of really cute guys and we all took the same elevator, but she couldn’t get her key to work and stuff. It was funny.

After that we drove up to Long Beach and went to the Aquarium of the Pacific which totally isn’t worh the $20 to get into there! Blah.

From there we headed back to Newport to eat lunch and at Hamburder Mary’s. They really liked it, but our waiter was kinda an idiot. After lunch (well, it was like 4). We went off to Newport Pier and walked along the beach for a while. My aunt is crazy and she stopped and asked this guy how much it costs to rent a one of the beach houses in that area. And he said it was $6,000 a WEEK during the summer! How fucking insane is that!

Once they got bored with the beach we came back to my house and they left. I stayed up till like 7:30, but was laying in bed and then finially just couldn’t stay awake any longer… And went to sleep. lol

I’ve got another date with the same guy from last Thursday… tonight. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

Well, I’ve written a book, so I’m out.. Adios!