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So last night I went out to a concert in LA with Constantine. We saw a guy named Patrick Wolf. He was VERY gay. But also VERY VERY VERY good. Lots of craziness at his concert and lots of energy. Check out the video below…

We got there at 8:00 and he didn’t go on till 10:30. The place was so hot, but I had a ton of fun! Well worth going.

He also kept taking clothes off throughout the concert! Very yummy. There was some crazy french man standing in front of us.

Anyways, towards the end he threw out a cape thing into the audience and boys went CRAZY! Like 10-15 people ON THE FLOOR fighting over it. In the end we saw three of them standing at the bar with it still wrapped in their fists having the bar tender cut it into pieces for them all!

If he’s ever in your area, I highly suggest going to check it out!

UPDATE: So I’m being linked too by some board. These are the FREAKS who were fighting over the cape and trampling on top of people.. And they are calling my blog sad? Excuse me? I’m not the one in LOVE with patrick wolf and am pissed that he didn’t stare at me the whole time, etc. Get a life people.

So we got home about 1am and I decided that I would sleep in, so put my phone on silence. Well I got up at 8am this morning and showered and then watched an episode of The Daily Show and then started driving into the office. On my way there, I remembered that my phone was on silence, so I checked it… Three missed calls from the CEO and one missed call from a coworker! Oh GREAT!

Thankfully I was able to walk them through fixing the issues over the phone!

9 thoughts on “Patrick Wolf”

  1. There have only been two comments in that thread regarding your blog, and if you get so very offended at two little comments (which aren’t even vitriolic) you obviously haven’t been on the internet very long.

    Princess Unicorn

  2. Anyone who sees him perform, with 8 tons of glitter, tiny shorts, wigs, etc would assume he’s gay. I would love it if he actually is gay because he’d be an awesome roll model. If he’s not gay, then how sad. He’s still an amazing performer and has an very moving presence on stage.

    I see no need for you people to be bad mouthing me as I’ve done nothing but give my opinion and promote him as being a great performer which he is. I honestly have to say it’s THE best performances I’ve been to this year.

    However, I wasn’t the crazy knocking people over trying to get a peice of his cape and throwing things at him.

  3. I think they were mostly just reacting in the same way that Patrick Wolf might if he saw an entry claiming that he is ‘VERY gay’. In fact, I think he has on more than one occasion reacted in like fashion to accusations like that. What sort of a reaction were you hoping to get?

    I don’t mean to flame, but I guess I’m just ‘defending myself against people’s comments’ in that I don’t think I’m a freak. I’ve met Patrick more than once and never freaked out or behaved abnormally. Nobody said that your blog was sad, I think the comment in question was just referring to the new crop of fans that go to P.Wolf shows with the sole hope of seeing him strip. I also think it’s a bit weird to say that if he’s not gay then the situation is somehow sad; in what way does his sexual preference affect the quality of his performance or of his character?

    I’m glad you enjoyed the performance, and that you recommended him to your viewers, I just could have done without the innuendos. Cheers!

  4. When I write a blog post, I don’t expect a reaction. This is my blog and I write about things that I feel and my impression.

    I never had any expectation of seeing him strip. My comment was in reference that I enjoyed seeing him take off clothes and that I was a bit surprised by it. I was there for the music, not to see a strip show.

    His sexual preference has NOTHING to do with anything. If he’s not gay, then it’s sad simply because it’d be nice to have him as a roll model for anyone who would like it.

  5. Wolf=The shizzle. Your blog is well funny! He’s actually stated that he’s bi in interviews, though like myself he doesn’t like labels. And it shouldn’t matter, but it clearly still does in this day and age as my dear old dad and a few of my friends won’t give him the time of day because of it. But! He’s a great role-model regardless of his sexuality. He’s been through a lot of crap simply because he’s different, and still done so very well in life. It gives me hope…Glad you liked him, though!

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