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Wipe OUT!

So… Jason and I just got back from our normal bike ride… 30 miles today.

We did 15, in Marina Del Ray…. Heading over to Jamba Juice, riding on the streets…We go to jump a curb into a parking lot to cut across, I miss it…..

WIPE OUT! Hard core style… I fall right into the drive way…

One of those damn shuttle buses, clearly sees me fall into the driveway.. He wants to turn into it.

I’m laying on the ground, screaming in pain.

What’s the fucker do???

HONKS!!! Yes.. He HONKED at me… More then once! FUCKER!

Thankfully, I wiped out RIGHT infront of a pharmacy/emergency care center.. So we go in there and get a first aide kit, etc.

My handle bars were parallel to the frame.. My knee is busted up, there’s a HUGE gouge out of my hand, and my shoulder is all scraped up.

Rode the 15 miles back, actually made pretty damn good time too.

That’s all!

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