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Why can’t Ford come out with products like this in the US? I would be the first in line for a freaking hard-top convertable Focus! And this one looks like it’s all done right too! Amazing!

Get in gear Ford, etc and get those amazing EU cars to the US! Why do they hate the US so much? And they wonder why they are losing butt loads of money!

I got my bill from Adelphia the other day, it says they were bought out by Time Warner.. Great! They included a nice letter that says, “Enclosed you will find answers to some of the most common questions.” But NO WHERE is there any questions or answers, just my bill. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of the service they will provide.

I upgraded my laptop’s hard drive last night to 120Gigs… Put my old drive into a nice little external carrying case. I’m going to install Leopard on it soon. But I seem to be having a few minor issues here and there with the new install. Mostly the fact that Adium won’t connect to AIM. Very strange.  I’m thinking maybe it’s a permissions problem. It’s really annoying though!

Yesterday Jason and I did a really hard bike ride, it was mostly uphill. My legs are killing me today! The views were amazing though! You have to love that about living at the beach. 🙂

Not to much else really going on. I think tonight I’m going to head out to WeHo, we’ll see if I’m in the mood later, but I’ve been invited.


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Rick recently bought himself a Volvo C-70 with the hardtop convertible to drive when he is up in the Netherlands working. It is so cool. I love raising and lowering it. lol Ford might do a hell of a lot better if they would introduce some that Focus here.

Oh god, I LOVE the look of the C70’s. I’m assuming they don’t feel as cheap as the S40!

Ford and the rest of them would do a TON better if they introduced the cars they have in the EU over here.. Those cars are amazing! Everytime I see one on Autoblog, I wanna go over there and buy it!

How do I get a chance to move to the EU? I just want the cars! lol

It is cool looking, I wouldn’t mind one myself. It almost looks like a toyota in some ways.

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