Devil Wal-Mart

So I was reading this article on digg today and they said this about wal-mart

The company that, more than any other, destroyed everything nice about America. Small towns in this country were once wonderful and pleasent places. They were all unique and delightful places to live. Each one had a little main street or town square and there was a place to eat, and a place to buy groceries or get your car fixed. There was a hardware store, and a shop that sold clothes. People earned money in the town and spent it in the town, and life was rosy. Not anymore. Now, every small town has nothing in it, nothing at all. But 5 miles outside of town, sitting in a charmless parking lot the size of a small lake, is a Wal-Mart. Everyone in the town buys everything there, because they have no other choice. And the money goes off to a mega-corporation, and to China, where they keep making cheap plastic garbage for us to buy, and break, and throw away, and re-buy. And what was the upside of this deal with the devil? Well, now America is more homogenized and a lot less interesting. Because with the Wal-Marts come the Taco Bells, the Jiffy Lubes, the KFC’s, and the stripmalls that are identical in every town. Now Tempe, Arizona looks, more or less, exactly like Ashville, Kentucky, and Burlington, Vermont. And Sally in Lockjaw, Idaho can wear the same awful shirt as Betty in Cribdeath, Iowa. What a disaster.

Now, I know a lot of my readers love wal-mart. But I completely agree with this statement! We don’t need cookie-cutter everything in this country! People need to be different, wear different things, get their cars fixed at different places. America needs to be less centralized and bring the money back into small towns. People buy shit at Wal-Mart and very little of that money stays in that town. It’s very sad.

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