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Prono Idea

I’ve got a GREAT porno Idea!

I’m going to get in on this whole Harry Potter Craze

A porno with harry and the blonde kid! (over 18 of course!)

HOT HOT HOT! I’m going to be RICH RICH RICH!

lol. later!

3 replies on “Prono Idea”

LoL! ok first of all if you’re gonna do a potter porno, you gotta add oliver wood in there (he’s already got the porn name). and secondly.. it’s harry potter! are you kidding me?!

lol… Ok, I’ll add him in there.

And i totally think it would work! Hello, look at all the people who buy harry potter…

And you could make both str8 and gay versions!


I think the “blond kid” is Draco Malfoy. That’s the only blond one I can think of.

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