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Talk Sex With Sue

I’ve recently started tivo-ing Talk Sex. Adam got me hooked on this show when we were dating forever ago. I love how stupid some of these peole are that call. They really shouldn’t be having sex at all.

Speaking of so long ago, it’s been 6 years now since I started this. Amazing. It all seems like ancient history to me.

I baked an apple pie last night.. It came out of the oven at 5:30pm… It was half gone by 7:30. Yummy. 🙂

I also finished the first giant painting thing. Still debating about #2.

I cleaned out the fridge here at the office this morning. There was stuff in there that had been there since this time ’05. I found some hard boiled eggs that were black. Gross. It smelled HORRIBLE too.

Called TimeWarner and bitched at them the other day. They are coming out to fix things tomorrow. However, of course after I called things are better anyways. I’m still keeping the appoitment.


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