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  • The Greatest Generation

    The Greatest Generation. I just finished this book on the plane. Amazing book! I couldn’t even get through the foreword without crying! This generation really is amazing. I highly suggest checking out this book! Veteran reporter and NBC Nightly News anchor Tom Brokaw went to France to make a documentary marking the 40th anniversary of […]

  • Rustic Canyon Nazi Camp – Winona Stephens Complex

    This past weekend Constantine and I explored a few different areas of abandoned LA. First we went to the Griffith Park Old LA Zoo. On Sunday we went to the Rustic Canyon Nazi Camp up in Pacific Palisades. In the early 1930’s Winona Stephens, a heir to a mining fortune created the Murphy Ranch on […]

  • Things Are Looking Up

    Hmmm. So what have I been up to lately? I dunno really. Not much going on here lately. Been hanging with JonJon and Andrew. It’s been tough splitting time up between the two of them and trying to be fair about it. But I want to give them both equal amounts of time right now, […]