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Stupid Cars

Well on my drive home last nigth my cars “Check Engine” light came on.

So I took it in this morning. Blah.

I ended up working till 11 last night! blah again!

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More Than Art

Restricted Section


Adios yall!

EDIT:// Just found out it’s going to be another $400!!!! And the other place used the WRONG FUCKING spark plugs! Bastards.

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If they used the wrong spark plugs I would take it back there and get a discount or something. You should not have to pay for the right ones then to be put in.

The money you have spent on ur car you could have used as a down payment on a newer one perhaps.

What year is your car? But if you are working towards paying off your current car I understand that. That is what I am trying to do. Then I will have an extra $250 every month. Only 18 mths to go.

Yeah, I’m going to take it back to PepBoys and make them put in the right spark plugs, or at least refund me money. Bastards.

My car is paid off and has been for nearly 2 years. That’s the thing though is that Mazda is offering 6k off on a new car right now. THE car I want… It’s so tempting to go buy it. But I probably shouldn’t.

My car is an ’00.

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