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So is anyone else annoyed that ALL The major oil companies reported RECORD profits this last quarter?!

Yesterday oil companies released their third quarter profits, and they were large. ExxonMobil earned a net income of $9.92 billion, which is the most any U.S. company has earned in a three-month period, ever. Royal Dutch Shell raked in a little over $9 billion itself, while BP earned $6.5 billion, ConocoPhillips $3.8 billion and ChevronTexaco $3.9 billion. Any hardships caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita were offset by the record high price of crude oil, hitting $70/barrel at one point in the third quarter. USA Today reports that while consumer backlash is expected for such high profits during a time when most motorists are being pinched at the pump, the oil companies are stressing that their industry is cyclical and it wasn’t that long ago in 2001 when the combined quarterly profits of these companies totaled less than $10 billion. Aww, poor babies.


Got my car back this morning. It’s running better I think. I just don’t know what to do

Mazda is having a sale, 6-7k off sticker. I’m so tempted to buy it, because who knows if they will have the same, or even CLOSE to the same deals next year when I’m ready to buy. I’d like to have 50% down, but even the 20% that I have now is ok.

Yesterday was a good day. Got a lot of work done, and got to do it all in my underwear. Plus I made a pumpkin pie. 🙂

Adios all!

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The only thing that beats a new car is NOT having a car payment. I don’t think the economy will get better anytime soon. Afterall, Gee Dubya will still be in charge. I think waiting would be the best option, if not the most fun option. But the way things look, maybe having a nest egg is not such a bad idea.

Very true.. But I don’t want to be spending more on my car to fix it then it’s worth. I’ve spent about $600 in the last week, plus it’s going to need a new transmission soon. The car is only worth about $2,500.

Also I think interest rates will continue to climb, and I’m concerned that prices won’t be this low when I am ready to buy a new car next year. Who knows.

Since I suck at making huge decisions like this I will probably keep my saturn.


Trade up! We are young and supposed to do crazy things. You only live

once so have some fun already! Oh and pimp my car out while you are at

it. Please?!?

Trade your car in with your down-payment. Interests is going to go up no matter what and you should jump on the band wagon while they are low.

I know it’s nice not having a car payment but you have to think about the future.

And you say your car is 00′? My car is a 98′ and I have only spent $400 for tires and another $400 to $500 on the brakes. I think you are spending too much on repairing you car already. It’s too early.

So with the discount on Mazdas, your dn pymnt and your trade in your payments so be fairly low.

Oh, and about the Oil Companies. That’s fuck up(excuse my french) with all those profits at a time of need for our nation.

Our government had better not let them get away with it.

Yeah, that’s what I think, it’s costing me too much already. And plus it’s hardly worth anything as it is.

And it’d be nice to see some sort of consumer backlash against the oil companies, but there’s so few of them, and you HAVE to buy fuel to get to work and back and you HAVE to buy fuel to heat your homes… So it’s just not possible.

And all this shit about “DON’T BUY GAS on such and such day” doesn’t do shit.

Blah! Fucking america

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