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Harry Potter

So remember that idea I had a while back about the Harry Potter Porno?

Well apparently someone else had the same idea:

Anyways, nothing new… Adios!

Ok, I lied.. Check this out: San Fran in Jello!

7 replies on “Harry Potter”

There be a Harry Potter erotic fanfic sight called The Restricted Section. Anything one could imagin is there.

I’d look up the address but, well, at work.

Hot… I’ll have to look that shit up!

I could totally go for a full sized poster of that. 😀

lol… I know. I”m a perv! If only they were old enough. 🙁

I guess I am perv too, cause I wouldn’t mind a poster like that, lol.

How old is Harry Potter anyhow? He’s got to be at least 16 by now?

For what it’s worth…I was Harry Potter for halloween tonight…and I made out with a guy claiming to be Draco.

Granted he was dressed as a firefighter. But who was I to argue?

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