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It’s Late… But I want a business.

Ok. I know, lacking in the updates agagin…. Sorry yall.

So Andrew gave me a good surprise the other day. He’s coming back…. Nov 14th-17th. I’ll have to leave here about 11pm on the 13th to Drive to Chicago to get him. Then drive him back to chicago on the 17th, leaving about 11am to get him back there in time.

I was so excited when I heard the news that I was totally speechless. He got a bit upset it seemed because I didn’t express my happyness enough for him. But beleive me…. I was happy! And I’m still way psyched! It’s his 5,6,7,8,9,10 month and Christmas/b-day present for me… Yay! It’s well worth it. lol

This weekend has consisted of a lot of nothing, yet I’ve been pretty busy. Not much time has been wasted in front of the TV amazingly. Though Andrew would disagree with that remark. He feels that i’m not working hard enough to get all my HW done. Though It will all get done, have no fears people.

Friday night I went home and didn’t really do much. Laundry most of the night, you’d be surprised at how much I get dirty in 2 weeks time. I sure was.

It appeared they locked one of the cats in my room though, for about a week or so. And no one cleaned up the mess. I wasn’t too happy about that. So I had to clean up some before I could go to bed. I’ll have to wash my blankets next time I go home. And no, I didn’t sleep in the cat pooed blankets. I got clean ones.

Saturday I stayed at the house tell about 2, finishing laundry and helping the father with the garage. It appears to be nearly complete. Apparently the guy that’s going to put in the electric wanted $165 an hour to dig a trench from the house out to the garage. And he said it’d take him all day. So Dad’s going to do that. Fun times, I guess. lol.

After that I came home, and walked around the block, down to duff, up to lincoln way, then down to the hy-vee and back to my place. I stopped at about 6 or 7 places and got job apps. Came home, filled them out. Hopefully a job will come from at least one of them.

Spent the rest of the day doing random stuff… Don’t really remember. It was 5 months though! Woot! Go us, and our LDR abilities!

And go me for my horrible spelling tonight!

Sunday, that’s today people.. though I know it’ll say this was posted tomorrow, I did mostly nothing. Got up really early and went and worked out. Came home, ate, showered, wrote a paper, talked to Drew Bear.

Sat around some more, then played some Sim City. Talked to Drew Bear some more. Went to campus about 4:30, sat in carver reading and studying.

Group meeting from 7-9. Rode the bus home.

Called Drew bear and we talked for a while. He got me thinking about the business that I want to start sometime.

Now I can’t stop thinking about it.

I also wrote up about a page of stuff that I want to change at Krell. Going to write proposals for it all and shoot them to Nazanin. Hopefully she’ll like them all.

Also going to recommend my replacement. I don’t like the people working there now. I don’t seem them continuing with where I’m heading. I think I’ve found my man. Hopefully she’ll hire him.

Today also marks THREE YEARS!! of rantings and updates, I feel so accomplished.

I register tomorrow for my LAST EVER semester at ISU. I’m very nervous… Only 66 seats left in HDFS 276…. And my MGMT 478 class if filled… I have to have it to graduate… I’m sure I’ll get into it.

Anyways, I’m going to try and go back to sleep… Though I can’t stop thinkinga bout my business. I wonder if I can take the LCF Inc. And use it for myself… That’d help out a lot. Save me the incorporation costs, etc.

Laters all!

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