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You’d Think

You’d think that since I AM a graduating senior, I would be able to get into the classes that I want, with NO problems, right??

Well think again!

I got into ONE, count them… ONE!!! Of the classes that I wanted to get into. Very annoying.

Currently I am scheduled for classes from 11-1 MWF, then 2-3:30 MW, and then 5:30-8:30 M. Grrr at that.

I’m going to keep working on it all, and hopefully by the time classes start I’ll be able to get into the classes that I want to be in. If not, I’m going to be very annoyed. Grrr at all of that.

Other than that mess. Things are going good… Getting a bit stressful, as things are really starting to pick up now, and continue on an uphill pace tell Nov 13th. From there it should be smooth sailing!!

Laters all.

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You have to take HD FS 276 with me goddammit. Also, tomorrow is International Hit on Taylor Day. Please read about it and post the Hit on Taylor day banner to pay your respects and “hit” on Taylor lmao.

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