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Solana Beach and Water Balloon Sling Shots!

What a weekend!

First off, Paris is going to Jail!I heard on the radio this morning that she’s saying this is cruel and unusual punishment! What a stupid bitch.

Ok, so Friday I headed down to Laguna Beach after work and met up with Austin at his new place, it was really nice. We hung out there and talked for a quick bit and then headed over to Nick’s house. Which is just amazing! I’m totally going to just move in one day and not tell him! haha. We all hung around there for a while, had a shot or two, and chatted it up. Headed down to Javier’s for dinner. Great place to eat if you love mexican!

After that we made our way to the Boom Boom Room. It was really pretty funny being there again. We of course saw Joel with some slutty looking idiot, along with the other usuals. The same dancers, the same people, etc. Green shirt boy was there, and of course he did the wet undies contest. I’m glad that I got out of that and away from Joel. I feel like I’ve grown since then, it’s good to go back and see that all these other people are still there. That place has been in decline for many many years, but it’s gotten even worse since I’ve moved away! There was however, one REALLY hot bartender! OMG. Perfect smile. Austin says he looks a lot like me! haha. We got home from that about 1am and all went to bed.

Saturday morning we got up and headed over to Irvine for our ride out at 6:30am! Got there and headed out to Solana Beach.. Map below!

It really was a great ride, lots of nice flat areas, however there were some hills early in the morning! One of the best parts of the ride was we were riding down PCH and there’s this surfer boy loading stuff in his truck shirtless. All of a sudden he turns around and flexes hard core for us! OMG! So fucking hot! If only I had been thinking faster! 🙁

Once we got to Solana beach we had about 2 hours to kill, we all hung around and ate pizza and chatted. There was this really hot guy there that I kept staring at, JC got his name, so I looked him up on myspace. Found him, and his leather boy pics! Eww.

I got home from Irvine about 6ish, showered and read the news and stuff and then Erick came over for an hour and we chatted and had martinis. I was in bed by

NOTE: The WHOLE BUILDING is shaking right now… Earthquake?!?! Or just construction. 🙁 haha.

The whole day really gave me lots of time to think about the whole situation with Ben. It’s been over a week since we last hung out and I’m really missing him. I’m just not sure how to go about things. Just stick with friends, or be aggressive and show that I like him and see if things take off again or what. Just not sure.

Nick and JC were making fun of me and my (boy) numbers from last year! haha.

Speaking of guys from last year, I found out that Jay has been in a relationship since Sept at least. The funny thing is that the guy he’s dating (Chris EDIT://Ok, I actually just talked to him and found out he was dating a guy name Ryan that he just broke up with. We just assumed that his number 1 on myspace was hs BF, as they were both IRL and they were each other’s #1 and had lots of pics of each other….)… I’ve gone out on a date with as well! Strange times there. Anyways, it was really annoying to find out this information, and set me on a major bitching fest with the person I was with at the time. He and I complained about boys for a couple hours. Good times. It’s good to know that other people out there feel the same way I do when they get dumped!

Sunday morning I got up and headed to WeHo for the Star Map Tour. It was another great ride. Although one of the TRL’s had to drop out early in the ride because someone else was having problems, so then JC was the only TRL… So by the end of it, I was in the front and JC was in the back and everyone kept treating me like I was leading it! It was strange. We did however see a Ferrari with a bike rack on the back! Very interesting.

On my way home from that ride though I got behind this Honda CR-V with a piece of paper that someone had clearly printed out on and it read… “New Driver”. Of course, I had to get up next to them to see who it was.. Asia! I laughed so hard and couldn’t wait till I got home to tell Jason! What a laugh riot!

I got home, showered and then Jason came over, we went driving in the Hybrid. Which now makes me feel like I don’t want a Civic Hybrid, it didn’t really have any power. We drove over to the Torrance airport, where you could again see the Hollywood sign! We met up with this guy he knows there and chatted for a while. He’s got a really old plane he’s restoring, so it’s cool to see all the parts and how it works. He just got the engine in, so we went over to check that out. From there we went to the Hawthorne airport to see if there was a plane free, but they were all gone. So we went out and did other things. Ended up at In-n-Out, I got a double double and a milk shake! 🙂

We went back to my place and had some martinis and chatted. I have some Water Balloon sling shots, so we went out to the beach and shot those off! Sooo much fun! Everyone kept stopping and watching the two drunken idiots. The real question was who was going to get hurt first. One of us? Or an innocent by stander! The instructions on the box says.

“One person use: WARNING! DO NOT ATTEMPT.. blah blah blah” Of course if you check out the pics, you’ll see that’s exactly what we did! Ohhh, drunkenness!

I can’t believe it’s been three years already since I graduated college!

The weather this weekend has been amazing and it’s been sooo clear, the sunrise/set has been soooo pretty and with the full moon. It’s just been amazing here lately!

Be sure to check out the pics from this weekend: Photodump


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