iPhone Experience Part 2

So I’ve had my iPhone for a little over a week now… Here’s how I feel about it

1) It freezes! Sometimes it’ll just freeze up for a few minutes and pushing the top button once or twice will get it back. However, last Friday, and then again yesterday it completely froze, white screen! Would not do anything! I tried all kinds of combination of buttons to get it to work. Eventually after a few hours, pushing the top button and the front button got it back to working again.

2) Voice mails take forever to show up! Sometimes it will be just a few minutes before I am notified of a Voice mail, other times it will be HOURS later! When I first got the phone I had to turn it off and back on to even be notified, maybe as you have the phone longer it’ll get faster?! lol

3) It takes 30-45 seconds from the time I select “Contacts” to the time that I can actually start looking for contacts! Very annoying! I do have nearly 300 contacts and lots of groups, but still, it should not take this long

4) No MMS!?!

5) Yesterday I was txting about 4 people back and forth to discuss this weekends camping trip, I got 4 txt notifications at nearly the exact same time, then when I went to read the txt, the last bubble was off the bottom of the screen and I could not pull it up to the top, nor get to the keyboard to reply to the message. Going back to the home screen and then back to the txting screen fixed this issue

6) When using Bluetooth in my car, I hear a horrible horrible echo of myself. Not sure what is causing this, it’s almost as if the car and the iPhone are both picking up my voice! My old phone did not experience this.

7) The speaker phone is very quiet.

8) An AIM client that will stay signed in even when leaving the app

9) It seems as though if when you are in some apps, you cannot get phone calls?

10) Battery life!! Even with the 3G and Wifi turned off the battery life is not very good. I was expecting to not get the best life out of it, but this seems a bit excessive!

11) No copy/paste!?

Over all though, I still think it’s am amazing phone! I love it.

2 thoughts on “iPhone Experience Part 2”

  1. Same problem in our 7 Series BMW. I found if you turn off the 3G capability it is not so much an issue, but what a pain. BMW says it’s an Apple problem and Apple says it’s a BMW problem……ARRRRGGHHH. Should be a software update that should fix soon i hope? Not just the Infiniti, sounds like BMW too 🙁

  2. Glad to know it’s not just me! I hope that’s fixed soon

    I wanted to add one other complaint too. That’s that there are no Profiles. IE, At night, I don’t want to hear everytime I get a txt or email/etc. But I DOOO want to hear my alarm go off and I DOO want to hear when someone calls me. And during the day, I want to hear all that stuff. I want to be able to QUICKLY change between those settings.

    On the blackberry they had a Profiles menu and you could create as many different settings as you wanted and quickly change between them.

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