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  • My Wall!

    So they came and “fixed” my shower last week. But it had still been doing the same thing… run for a while, and then shut off. It wasn’t really bothering me. I could at least take showers now with pressurized water, but this morning… This morning I got up and went to take a shower. […]

  • Grades!!

    Yay, so grades are out now for the Summer Semester.. I got a B in Cobol and a C+ in my Psych class… I’m excited. The new Macs came out yesterday and they’re really pretty.. Head over there if you haven’t seen them. I’m thinking about getting a Ti-Book. I can in theory afford it. […]

  • Short Weekend.

    This weekend went by really really fast… Alot happened, and yet not much really happened. It’s been very odd… Friday I met up with Adam and we went and did some money things for him… He got debit card for himself… I told him to “be careful with it” and he took it the wrong […]

  • Aug 07, 2001

    Aug 7, [New Radicals, "Someday We’ll Know"] Ok, well it’s not really Aug 7 yet, but it’s damn close enough and I didn’t feel like making a second update for Aug 6, cause well that’s just to much work. Today’s been pretty good. Adam was going to come over here this morning at like 10 […]

  • March 26, 2001

    march 26. ok so yesterday afternoon i got an e-mail from this guy in SF. so i replied to it, after a bit of nagging from danny, and then i went to bed. well like after 20 minutes the phone rang and it was this guy. i was like omg, omg, omg,omg. it was so […]