Short Weekend.

This weekend went by really really fast… Alot happened, and yet not much really happened. It’s been very odd…

Friday I met up with Adam and we went and did some money things for him… He got debit card for himself… I told him to “be careful with it” and he took it the wrong way, we got into a bit of an argument, but after we talked it out everything was good… He cried though and that made me really sad and I felt so bad for yelling at him. It wasn’t good, but after we talked it was all good again… Then that night we went out to supper at Village Inn and we saw Dustin, he had put his two-weeks in the night before and when he came into work that night the boss man told him to just go home, so we said we’d call him to hang out that night…

After supper we went to MHM and did some shopping and shit. It was good times, then we called Dustin and met him at Java Joe’s. We had fun, Mandy was there as well and we hung out with her, that was great fun times.

We went home to go hot tubbing around 11, we invited Dustin, but he didn’t want to come. That boy is odd if you ask me, I can’t figure out what he wants… He’s still amusing to go out with, and he’s growing on Adam.

Saturday Adam worked tell 4, I was going to sleep in and do nothing all morning, but my dad decided to play jack-hammer. He finished one side of the basement, he started work on the bathroom on the other side and felt the need to rip out some of the concrete at like 7am, I swear. So I got up and took a 45 minute shower and shaved like every hair south of my neck, it was quite amusing for me.

I went to Hy-Vee about 2ish and hung out tell Adam got off at 3 (an hour early). So after that we went to Valley West and he got a Drawing Book and we went to Calypso (sp?) and hung out generally. We also went to Comp-USA, now that was amusing… We happened to wonder into the Apple area and the guy working was relaly cool, he had to be close to 60, but we talked to him for a bit over an hour about how Apple’s are cool, and how everyone just uses windows because ‘Everyone else does it’ and that mentality that America has. It was really cool, we probably would have stood there talking for longer, but he had real paying customers.

From there we called Dustin again and headed downtown. That was yet again more fun times. Two other people showed up, I can’t remember they’re names, but they were amusing. Although they were drinking str8 vodca, so I really didn’t want to hang out with them all that much… Adam and I left about 10:30 and went back and watched Porn.. That was amusing as hell.

Today’s been alright as well. Again my dad decided to be noisy at an un-godly hour in the morning, but I slept anyways… I got out of bed at 12:30 got dressed and then went to Hy-Vee… I got some work done today though, so that was good. I tried talking to Leah as well, but she was being a horrid bitch… I’ll get to more of that in a bit… After Adam got off we went back to his house and cleaned his room and put his fish tank back up. That was fun and amusement. His whole family was being a bit grouchy today though, and that was sad, maybe it’s just the weather. I dunno. But we had a good time anyhow..

About 7:45 or so we deicded to get online and see if anyone had updated, we were reading people’s things when it came to Leah’s. That really upset both me and Adam… She called our relationship a “Ricki Lake Show” and said that we fight all the time and that I want Adam but Adam just wants someone…. We don’t fight that offten and and when we do, it’s just because one of us missunderstood the other, it’s generally something stupid and we’ve made up 5 seconds later. What she said hurt me and him, it was rude and even though journals are somewhere that you can vent and say “what you want to” there are somethings that are best kept to yourself. That’s why we made “private entries.”

But she didn’t just rip on us, she ripped on everyone of her friends. She says that …. hell I dunno.

After that Adam and I talked about our relationship, about prom and what happened in the 45 minutes after it, we talked about what Andi had said, since she was there, and what she thought about those 45 minutes on the car ride home to Ankeny…. We talked about how great our relationship is and how close we are… I love him and I know he loves me… That’s what matters, is that we talk and we know how much we love each other.

So this weekend’s been long, yet short, it seems to have just started and now it’s already over.

I have a feeling this week is going to be much the same, I’m going back tomorrow for Safe Space, and Adam’s coming up here Thursday night… I can’t wait.

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