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Business/managers shoud manage people, not people that don’t know how to manage people. You can’t tell one person that they’re going to do something, and then when they next come in to work tell them that it’s already been done. You can’t assign something to one person and have them do half the work and then tell another person to jump in in the middle and complete it when they don’t know what’s going on. You can’t do these things in the managerial world, why does she not understand this???

You can’t run a business or an effective IT department without a plan of action and clearly she has no plan of action. She needs to sit down and decide what this company needs and where we’re going with our IT. You can’t just say, OH I feel like spending some money today, lets go buy something, as much as I enjoy doing that.

We have three computers, very good computers sitting around doing nothing currently, they have been for almost a month now. They were good computers and we told her that, they just needed to be upgraded, but she went out and bought three two new computers to replace the three… Now we have no where for those three to go, so it’s wasted money down the drain…. Instead of listening to us when we told her our plan for backups, she went with her outrageous plan, which uses over 70 tapes, each tape costing $35, you do the math. More Government wasted money.. And you wonder where you’re tax dollars are going, they’re going to organizations which the government has chosen completly incompetent people to manage.

She shouldn’t be in any posistion to do any management, put her back in her office and let her do her programming, when we need money to update something, we’ll ask for it, but don’t just do what we’ve told you not to do. It’s just a waste of money. Don’t go behind your employees backs, that’s the fastest way to get them to distrust you.

I hate stupid managers.

Today I was supposed to upgrade two of our Macs to OSX, take those three old servers and reformat them and do something with them….

But instead when I got here, she said “Oh, Chris already did that on Friday, you need to do ….”

So Instead I’m doing something of Chris’, which I have no Idea what I’m doing, she says that I need to learn about it, but when I don’t even know how it’s currently implemented, I can’t really learn about it to tell her the best implenemtation of things. I don’t know where the documentation is at either to figure things out.

She also said that I need to get in touch with Shelly… Which one?? The one that’s gone today… But I’m supposed to make some graphics, which she already has, I don’t see why she can’t just take the 5 seconds to do it herself. Gwar.

I’m really frustrated today with everything, I’m just going to program things.

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